06b. Pickles

I Am a huge fan of this episode and bubblebass (if thats not already clear) its a very funny episode especially when bubble bass throws squidward
Bubble Bass

Fun fact about this episode? Bubble Bass's order would require at least 86 pickles (because in reality he ordered a HUUUUUUUGE multi-layered sandwich). I wonder how he hid ALL of those. Regardless, Spongebob's descent into madness was a treat to see. This episode isn't one of my favorites, but it's a decent one.

Grade: 4/5, Great.
Great episode. Humor wise it's not exactly THAT strong, but the plot of this episode is. I wish we saw Bubble Bass again in later episodes. We only saw him one more time I believe.

Episode Ranking: Good
Season: 1

Episode: Pickles

This episode was good. I liked the plot, and Bubble Bass was funny (i hope he returns). There were many funny jokes. 8/10
Bubble Bass needs to appear more because he's a great antagonist. This episode is excellent and very memorable for me. 10/10.
First Bun, then patty, followed by ketchup, mustard, pickles, EXTRA onions lettuce chesse tomato and bun in that order "

Not the funniest episodes but in terms of plots it is definitely one of the strongest and most memorable.

This is a very good episode after you watch it a couple of times, but it's still decent first time round.

Classic, one of my favorite S1 episodes. Not very funny but still entertaining with a good plot so it gets a pass for me.
There were some parts I didn't really enjoy...it's also kind of boring at times, can't say I didn't like it either..7/10
I love this one, it had a great villain and it's really funny

Grade: A+

Best Character: :sbx: :krabsx:

Best Line: You forgot the pickles!

Best Moment: SpongeBob not doing anything right
One of the BEST of season 1! It introduced my favorite character, Bubble Bass, and my favorite quote, when BB is taking his order.

This is just a hilarious episode, with a ton of visual and verbal humor to be heard, it's definitely a classic!

Real thriller, SpongeBob, Bubble Bass, the pickles. This episode truly shines with creativity. Plot twist was O.K. but not too predictable. 8.5/10
One of my favorites, I love the western standoff at beginning and end.