06b. Pickles


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Dec 20, 2005
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It sucks to see Spongebob lose his confidence in making Krabby Patties all because of a mean, fat fish. :( Although, Spongebob speaking backwards is funny.
"Hello Mr. Krabs, do you how do?" - Just one of the many awesome funny moments in the episode "Pickles". I really enjoyed this episode. 10/10
This was a truly memorable episode. I sort of disliked Bubble Bass, but he wasn't one of those characters that really bugged me. At least minor characters. I like what he ordered! :lol: But the guy couldn't hide his pickles from SpongeBob [NO COMMENT]! SpongeBob is the true fry cook. What else did it do? It played the APM "Dancing The Hula" backwards. Yay! :yahoo:

7.8/10 :)
This was OK, but Squidward's reaction to Bubble Bass' order made it even better.
I love this episode it is hilarious!
This was my favorite episode until it fell in favor of Idiot Box, and eventually The Algae's Always Greener. Anyways, a very good and funny episode. I thought Bubble Bass made a good villain, and SpongeBob's messed up house was funny.
Final Score:10/10
It was an okay episode that game me some chuckles. 5.2/10
I love Squidward's reaction to Bubble Bass' order. "We serve food here, sir." :rofl: Oh, Squidward, this is why you're my favorite.

Anyway, this was a neat episode. The idea of SpongeBob losing his confidence is interesting and they pulled it off fairly well. Not a personal favorite of mine, but enjoyable.
Christmas Milkmaid said:
This was OK, but Squidward's reaction to Bubble Bass' order made it even better.
Although I hated how Bubble Bass has to throw Squidward around.
I loved this episode. It's actually very funny and interesting. Squidward's reaction to Bubble Bass was hilarious. Bubble Bass throwing Squidward out of the way cracked me up. SpongeBob talking inverse was hilarious. SpongeBob cooking his bike was funny. Squidward burning krabby patties was funny. People booing Squidward was hilarious too. This is a perfect episode overall. 10/10
This is one of my favorite episodes. I remember when Bubble Bass was revealed it was the biggest shock of my life. I hated him for YEARS
I think this was one of the earliest episodes I can possibly remember watching as a kid and it's quite a good one. I like the way they handled the plot for the most part.
I like this episode, it's pure gold and Bubble Bass is a funny character, I love his voice! Good episode!
I love this episode, and it turns out that Bubble Bass is picky about his food.
Bubble Bass is 10/10 pretty great. Would definitely go bowling with 'im.

Youcan't hate that sweaty hambone. I'd say he should make a reappearance, but, y'know. Not a fan of the show's quality these days.