05a. Pizza Delivery

Somewhat overrated but really funny. The ending though is one of the most memorable endings in the entire series! 8/10
Holy heck, nobody mentioned the joke where the gear shift turns into Korean?

I always thought that was the best part of the episode.
Definitely one of my favorite episodes of season 1 if not my favorite. It's a very simple plot and they take a lot out of it. I love how Squidward sticks up for Spongebob at the end also. 10/10
Just a quick question. In this episode, at the end of the episode, did it always cut to black right before he says "Oh, my aching tentacles," but the sound was still there? Because I was watching a Nicktoons rerun, and noticed this. I know that it has been cut out in the past and recently put back in, but it just seems weird to me that the scene cut to black with the audio still intact. I can try to show an example of what I mean by this if needed.
It's a classic, obviously. Favorite moments would be from Mr. Krabs forcefully adding pizza to the menu (the only episode which does so), to Squidward disagreeing with SB about the direction they're walking towards, to SpongeBob's Krusty Krab Pizza song, to SpongeBob's "It's a rock!" line, to Squidward standing up for SpongeBob against that rude customer, to the two getting back to the KK so quickly. Great gags and jokes. 10/10
I don't love this episode, because of the Krusty Krab pizza song. I love it because how both SpongeBob and Squidward were extremely well-portrayed here. The idea of this episode is extremely original and interesting, making this episode a gem of Season 1, or maybe some of the best episodes in the series. The guy wasn't really that funny to me, but when Squidward slam the pizza to his face was extremely well-done. We didn't even know the guy ordered a drink in this episode. I never realized that Mr. Krabs either forgot to give him or there weren't any drinks left at the Krusty Krab. I liked how Squidward tried to show SpongeBob how to drive and SpongeBob was driving backwards/in reverse. When Squidward was complaining about the pizza becoming really cold afterwards, that was a funny part of the episode. It doesn't really remind of The Sewers of Bikini Bottom, because they're slightly different plots. Both characters were on a "journey", but it had extremely different elements. I loved this episode. I can't seem to forget anything in this episode, even when the wind happened while SpongeBob was singing. Probably one of my favorite episodes of all-time. I don't have a specific numerical grading here, but if it was a letter grade, then definitely an A.
Really funny episode definitely a classic. The joke where spongebob has to drive is funny. Then how spongebob drives a rock to the house. Then the krusty krab pizza song. Fun Fact this episode was originally was gonna be Squidward and sponge bob going to a road trip. So I'll give it a GOOD episode and a 10/10
This is one of my most favourite episodes. I can't really put into words what I like so much about it, but if you're having a SpongeBob marathon, I suggest you go and rewatch it, and if you've never seen it before (!) you give it a watch. There is one unforgettable and heartwarming moment hidden here, and a guilty-pleasure song.
Oh yeah, this episode. One of the ones that everyone's constantly talking about. In this episode, SpongeBob and Squidward have to deliver a pizza and along the way, they encounter many obstacles. There's a few funny jokes and a good musical number along the way too.

Airdate: August 14, 1999
Krusty kraAAAAaaAAaAAAAAaaaAAB PIZZA is the PIZZA yeaaah for you and.....MEEEeeeeeEEEeeEEEEE :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh: :sblaugh:
An amazing episode. I'm still debating if it is overrated or not. Either way, it's a great episode with numerous gags, an interesting story, and good chemistry between Squidward and SpongeBob, because this is one of the first times we see the Squidward-SpongeBob formula. 9.3/10
This episode is a classic. Besides the great humor in this episode, I like the bonding between SpongeBob and Squiward. The ending was great. Some very memorial quotes come from this episode. However, the song is hugely overrated and kind of annoying. Plus, I didn't like how SpongeBob was fine with starving Squidward. Otherwise, it's a great episode. 9.5/10.
While I find this episode overrated, it's still one of Season 1's best. The Krusty Krab Pizza, it's a rock, so many memorable moments. It's a classic episode.

Ranking so far:
1. Pizza Delivery (A+)
2. Plankton! (A)
3. Naughty Nautical Neighbors (A)
4. Help Wanted (A)
5. Boating School (B)
6. Bubblestand (B)
7. Jellyfishing (B)
8. Tea at the Treedome (C)
9. Ripped Pants (C)
10. Reef Blower (C)
I love it, it is pretty overrated, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I like it a lot. I love the adventure to it, and it all just really comes together. We'll see it later on, but SpongeBob + Squidward is an amazing duo.
This episode would've probably been the most boring episode in the entire series without it's jokes. It just gets uninteresting seeing SpongeBob and Squidward walking around for 11 minutes. As for jokes, there are some, but I didn't laugh that much during this episode, at least compared to other season 1 episodes like Plankton! or Opposite Day. However, there's enough that I can't really call this episode bad.

Eh Episode (6/10)
The first truly amazing Spongebob episode. It manages to have a perfect balance of all the things that make Spongebob good. The characters, the story, the comedy, the drama, everything. It's just perfect. There are tons of memorable moments, funny lines, and the ending is just legendary. This is one of those episodes that pretty much everyone on the planet can agree is good, so I'm not gonna delve into too much detail, but yeah, it's good.

Perfect episode (10/10)

1. Pizza Delivery (10)

2. Plankton! (9)
3. Naughty Nautical Neighbors (9)
4. Help Wanted (9)
5. Ripped Pants (8)
6. Tea at the Treedome (7)
7. Boating School (7)
8. Bubblestand (7)
9. Reef Blower (6)
10. Jellyfishing (5)
It's good (6/10 (8/10 by my ratings system))