04b. Boating School


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Dec 20, 2005
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Funny episode, one of the rarest times when Spongebob actually knows how to drive properly! If he wasn't guided during the test, then I'd be even more surprised. :P
Whats pink and square at the same time? I thought it would be an eraser. Patrick never fails to surprise me.
This episode was an instant classic! I love how Mrs. Puff was introduced. And, I love the idea of how SpongeBob had Patrick give him all the answers! This episode was actually more interesting than funny. I don't really know what else to say, but this episode is an instant classic.

Final Grade: 8/10
Classic. For some reason, my mom LOVES this episode and tells me to record it when it's on :w00t:. I guess even adults love SpongeBob.

I think this episode is very comical and has a funny plot. The part where Patrick is in SB's shorts is hilarious. 9/10
A truly underrated classic! Patrick was surely a memorable adviser (TESTING!), and then of course the famous "PATRICK SQUAREPANTS!" line. Truly a nice episode.

8.5/10 :D
This is an amazing episode with funny jokes and it introduces something important on the show.........
Awesome episode it started a great story for further episodes! 8/10
it was an okay episode I guess, but I found it rather weak. I still think it is watchable though :) 6/10
Another okay episode. It's watchable and I suppose it has a good moral (better to fail honestly than succeed by cheating), but I don't find it particularly good.
It's another great season 1 episode but It's not one of the best season 1 episodes. It's very enjoyable and funny and It's a great introduction to Mrs. Puff but I felt bad for Mrs. Puff at the end of this episode. Patrick saying "Act natural" to SpongeBob and he starting to eat grass is the best moments in this episode. I also laughed that SpongeBob kept telling Mrs. Puff that he cheated on the boat and SpongeBob driving the wrong ways. Overall, this episode is great. 9.5/10
Boating School

What's really sad about this is that Spongebob probably knows how to drive properly, but he just gets so nervous about the actual driving that it screws him up. I'm kind of curious why boats have that effect on him. The episode itself was entertaining to watch, but I have one other question. How was this cheating? Yeah, Patrick was giving him instructions, but this was a driving test. It was to see how well he could follow those instructions. It's not like this was a written test where memorization was necessary.

Grade: 4/5, Great.
I think that this episode was funny, mainly because of Mrs. Puff saying in a deep voice, "OH SPONGEBOB! WHYYY?!" I did feel bad for both SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff, however. I felt bad for SpongeBob because he never got to pass his boating test and I felt bad for Mrs. Puff when she got injured. Other than that, this episode gets a 10/10! :)
Season: 1

Episode: Boating School

This episode was pretty good. This episode introduces us to Mrs Puff. I liked the plot. It had many jokes. 8/10
Pretty funny episode I guess, not the most talked about or the most memorable but there are good moments from this episode. But how does Spongebob have to get told to steer left or right by PATRICK? He can't be THAT bad of a driver.

Episode Ranking: Good