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Dec 20, 2005
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I love the song! Spongebob is such a joker in this episode. XD The part where he washed up on the beach after surfing almost got me.
I love "Ripped Pants"! This song is so awesome. :) As for this episode, I felt for Spongebob when he was alone without Sandy. :(
Me too. It's like Spongebob is trying to get Sandy's attention. :smirk:
Amazing episode expanding on Sandy and Spongebob's friendship!

This was the debut of Larry the Lobster, who plays a big role in this episode. Spongebob wants to impress Sandy, so he comes up with a joke about ripping his pants. However, when he faked death, and pulled a ripped pants joke, Sandy got angry and went with Larry instead.. I totally felt for Spongebob's sadness when Larry and Sandy left him alone. However he meets other fish with same problems, and comes my favorite part of the episode. The song. This song is what probably gave Spandy fans the idea in the first place. I think the song is a great way to end this episode. Therefore, this episode gets a 10/10 :D
Loved this episode for many reasons. First it shows the great relationship between SpongeBob and Sandy and the possibility that SpongeBob thinks of her more than just a friend. Second Larry the Lobster has a fairly big part in this episode which rarely happens. The only other times he had big parts in an episode were in "SpongeGuard on Duty" and "A Life in a Day." While Larry isn't my fave character he needs more screen time, especially since Mr. Lawrence is ALWAYS in the studio anyway doing Plankton's voice. Also, there were some hilarious moments in this episode. My favorite was when SpongeBob was doing all the impressions and things with sand to make Sandy laugh. SpongeBob's impression of Squidward was hysterical. Also, this episode had the debut of Scooter (another one of my faves). I also loved when the pants walked off, "What do you mean, we?" lol!
I give this episode a solid 10/10.
I LOVE THIS EPISODE! SpongeBob ripping his pants is one thing that made this episode a winner, but this is what really made this episode awesome: the song at the end! I felt bad for SpongeBob when Sandy rejected him, though. :( This episode is so perfect that I'm giving it a perfect score!

Final Grade: 10/10
What a creative plot. *clap clap* I've seen this many times, so it gets a little old for me, but still a favorite of mine and a classic. 8/10
Although SpongeBob wasn't really poplar yet, this is pretty much the most famous episode. This is why we have all of this pants-ripping biz. :weehammer: It wasn't funny, but nostalgic. I did happen to love the song!

7.6/10 :)
It is a great episode loved it even when I was little! 9/10
Plot: Spongebob rips his pants on accident, and everyon loves it. But it gets old fast...
This episode's plot seems kind of boring at first glance, but when watching it, it is a lot of fun. It wasn't the best, but it was pretty great. Plus, that song number was just... amazing. 3.6/4.

Jokes: The jokes in this episode played out so well, especially the "I need a tailor.... BECAUSE I RIPPED MY PANTS!" I laugh at so many of the scenes everytime I watch this episode, the jokes are just great. 2.8/3.

Characters: Spongebob got a bit annoying, but reedeemed himself in the end. I kinda was annoyed by Larry, because he seemed to take Spongebob with him just to show him up, but it wasn't anything outright mean. 2.6/3.

Overall, this episode was very solid, great jokes, great plot, and great characters. It earns its score of 9/10 easily.

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I like the song and the Spandy moments, and a few things made me laugh. I like this episode, but I don't love it.
I really love love love this episode. There are a few reasons/

-SpongeBob/Sandy/Larry interaction. This is the only episode with that interaction, and to be very truthful, I wish this would appear more, Spandy or not.
-I found the moral and the plot to be real sweet. Although this episode had very little humor, the plot is refreshing and the song is mighty sweet.
-I found it a good intro to SpongeBob and Sandy after their meeting.

Overall, a wonderful episode in my opinion.