1. BackToSpongebob

    Free Doubloon Day

    Did YOU steal a doubloon? Worry not, fellow SpongebuddyManian, t'is Free Doubloon Day! I have acquired some doubloons that I cannot use, and I have no desire to use them for anything. I will be giving away 100 doubloons, 10 doubloons to each of the next 10 people that comment on this post...
  2. Pinheadlarry55

    Spongebob on jumptheshark

    April 1, 2003. There used to be this website called jumptheshark. It was a website where you could post your opinions on when a show started to decline in quality or go downhill or jumped the shark. Spongebob was on there. Keep in mind that this is pre-movie Spongebob. Pre-seasons 4, 5, 6, 7...
  3. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    Question For Anyone Who Has Seen The SpongeBob Musical

    Hey everyone! I have an important question for anyone here who has seen The SpongeBob Musical live on Broadway. The show looks absolutely incredible and I really want to see it, but here's the thing. I have a hearing condition and I'm not supposed to expose myself to very loud, sudden noises...
  4. Nicktoonsummersplash2001

    Anyone remember this game from back in 2002?

    Anyone remember playing this back in 2002 on I do.
  5. The Drifter


  6. SpongeBobsNumber1Fan

    Preparations For The Movie?

    So as we all know, today marks 1 WEEK until the release of "Sponge Out Of Water"!!!! :D So are you guys doing anything special to prepare for it? As for me, throughout the month I've been rewatching the whole entire series from the beginning! I'm also doing a playthrough of the video game of the...
  7. The Drifter

    Merry (early) New Year!

    So, because of time zine difference, we Asians expreience earlier new year than you guys. Merry new year!
  8. SBM is trash!

    SBM is trash!
  9. NastyPatty2002


    I dunno.... Do any of you read newspapers? :p I get my fix of the funnies every day. My faves are Garfield, big Nate and Marmaduke. :) But.... .. . .. . .. . No one trumps the awesomeness of Calvin and Hobbes ;D
  10. Wumbologist

    Rate The User Above

    The rules are simple. Rules: Rate the user above. - You can only rate 1 through 10, don't rate any higher. Let's get started!
  11. BlueberryFieldsForever

    113b. The Card

    113b I've seen this a few times.... 9.6/10. Good Episode. I like how SpongeBob purchases the cards. And how Patrick uses the card. :yes:
  12. BlueberryFieldsForever

    096. Pest of The West

    96 Funny Scene: Dead Eye(Plankton): (*shows butt*) Uh-huh, huh-huh Uh-huh!