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season 5

  1. q543frodomar

    Least Favorite Season

    Hello there, and I'm Gamecubesarecool193 with another poll! This time, I'm here to know your least favorite season! My least favorite season is Season 5 because of the lack of good episodes. Most of the bad episodes are REALLY bad.
  2. Flabby Patty

    Worst Season 5 Episode

    Inspired by this thread in the Krabby Land board, I am compiling a competition to see what is the worst episode of the show's fifth season by the process of elimination by YOU! Now don't get me wrong, this season isn't bad by any means. I just want to have some fun and see what everybody says is...
  3. ataeaf

    Best Post-Movie (S4+) 32 Tournament

    Here's what we're gonna do? We will vote for five to ten of our favorite episodes from seasons 4 and later (S4 tends to be considered the last good season, but for the purposes of this game it will be all post-movie episodes) until we have 64 episodes. You may use episodes others have voted for...
  4. Original Raw and Uncut

    Season 5 animation

    In my opinion there really isn't anything specail about season 5's animation, there isn't any off-model,no weird colors,and no thick outlines. But out of all the seasons this season has the 2nd best artwork next to season 9. Discuss
  5. SpongyDevotee

    Season 5 best to worst game.

    INSPIRED BY christmasisawesome22 and his Season 3 best to worst game. Since everyone else is doing it, I decided to make a new best to worst game. This time on: Season 5!!! Here's how the game works: There is a safe zone, danger zone, and dead zone. All of the episodes start in the danger...
  6. Master WhoBruh

    Best Post-Movie Episodes of SpongeBob

    There may be an topic like this but It's probably an old topic. Anyway, what are the best post-movie episodes that you've ever seen? These episodes are some of my favorites: Krusty Towers (I think many people will say this episode first) Wishing You Well Have You Seen This Snail? Roller...
  7. Master WhoBruh

    SB_DW_Fan Reviews Season 5 Episodes

    This will be my first list and I'm so excited for this. Okay, I'm going to review all of season 5 episodes. I don't remember season 5 much but I think It was my second least favorite season. My opinion might change after I watch every season 5 episode again, I might even like this season more...
  8. The Guy With the Computer

    Squidwardisawesome22's top 20 favorite post-film episodes!

    I know twenty is a short number, but out of all, I thought twenty was the perfect number. I should put the honorable mentions: Eek! An Urchin! Mooncation Mermaid Man Begins Chum Bucket Supreme Squidward in Clarinetland Tunnel of Glove Jailbreak! Selling Out So, see you at number 20.
  9. The Guy With the Computer

    Charles' Bottom 60 episodes (as of currently)

    Yes, I will finish my top 117, just calm down. Hello, it's Charles D here, to countdown my 60 least favorite episodes! Like a lot of people, I loved the show's beginning. Around the middle of season 4, though, I felt the show's downfall. The show went uphill again in the middle of season 8...
  10. Worst Season 5 episode

    I say out of all of season 5 the one I hate the most is BlackJack