The most boring episode

Another boring episode Rodeo Daze an episode with the word Rodeo in the title has no rodeo going on for about 10 minutes what a snoozefest
I'd say New Fish in Town. It's the one I can recall the least happening in it at the moment
What is the most boring of Spongebob for you?
For it is either Trident Trouble or There's a Sponge in My Soup
ok not exactly an episode, but the 3rd movie was SO BORING and forgettable i generally couldn't watch it anymore
Also going to throw in Nature Pants, I feel like that one played a ton growing up and I just don't think it's that interesting. The only thing I like about Nature Pants coming on is knowing that Opposite Day's coming next.
Nature Pants rarely played when I was a kid. I say this because I loved what I now know was the poison sea urchin scene and got excited when I saw the episode come on.

Most boring episode would have to be anything from Season 7 or 8. I think Shell of a Man is kinda boring too, because I love its sister more.
SpongeBob You're Fired, The Clash of Triton, Rodeo Daze, Face Freeze!
I remember Rodeo Daze for the "moldy Krabby Patty meat" scene. That made me throw up! Thankfully, I had already put together a coping method after I watched To Love a Patty so I didn't get put off burgers again.
I remember when I was younger thinking Procrastination was boring now I find it entertaining

I still think All That Glitters is boring
Hide and Then What Happens.

They really wasted a cool one off character like Patrick Not Star in such a slow paced episode
gone or the clash of triton