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TattleTale Strangler

Normality Impaired
*hypnotized* All hail Lord Aku and all his wonderful glory. You and Lord Bob will rule forever and ever. Take ssj4gogita4 for a sacrifice, oh great one. *pushes ssj4gogita4 to Lord Aku* I have Samurai Jack caged up in my house. When do you want him?

DJ Sponge

Future Miss Universe
I have to go to bed, masters. Sorry, I am in a different time zone, and it is late here. Please forgive me, masters. :(


This is where careers come to DIE!
You stink!

You will now be punished to watching 100000 hours of Teletubbies.

Step on a crack, break Lord Aku's back. (steps on crack 100000 times)
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