So It's Come to This: A SpongeBob SquarePants Clip Show

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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
This final scene features a very special clip from Curse of the Were-jellyfish that I've wanted to somehow present to you guys all these years, and now, this is finally my chance.

Scene number: 11
Scene name: One More for the Album!
Featuring Clips From:
"Big Pink Loser"
"Atlantis Squarepantis"
"Naughty Nautical Neighbors"
"Help Wanted"
"The Secret Box"
"Curse of the Were-Jellyfish" (unreleased Douglas-Z fic)
"The Fry Cook Games"

The punch yet again hit the album, although this time, its impact also sent SpongeBob hurling towards the ground.

SpongeBob: (slow-mo) AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

The album fell to the couch, causing 6 more pictures to fly out. Patrick gathered them all and looked at them.

Patrick: (eyes watering) OHH!

We see that all 6 of them are pictures of happier times with Sponge and Pat helping each other out.

- SpongeBob and Patrick celebrating over Patrick's open jar in [/i]Big Pink Loser[/i]
- SpongeBob singing Blow a Bubble from Atlantis Squarepantis
- Sponge and Pat reconciling at the end of Naughty Nautical Neighbors
- Patrick motivating SpongeBob in Help Wanted
- SpongeBob and Patrick with their friendship rings in The Secret Box
Patrick blocking the Golden Carrot bullet with his little plane in Curse of the Were-Jellyfish

*calm music played as the ripple occured*



SpongeBob: Don't give up, Patrick. This time I've got something I know you can do. We're gonna open a jar.

He pulled out an empty jar and opened the lid, then put it back on.

SpongeBob: Easy. Now you try. First, get a jar.

Patrick held out a pickle.

SpongeBob: Patrick, that's a pickle.
Patrick: Yes.
SpongeBob: You need a jar.
*Patrick holds out a spatula*
SpongeBob: No.
*Patrick holds out his shorts*
SpongeBob: No.
*Patrick holds out SpongeBob*
SpongeBob: No. Try...this!
He got out of Patrick's hands and handed him another empty jar.
SpongeBob: Now take the lid off the jar.
*Patrick puts the jar in his mouth*
SpongeBob: Just relax. Lift your hand. (Patrick lifts his hand) Great! We're almost there. Now put it on the lid.
*Patrick puts his hand on the counter*
SpongeBob: No, the lid.
*Patrick lifts his hand again*
SpongeBob: The lid.
*he puts his hand on his eye*
SpongeBob: The lid! (as Patrick is circling his arm around) The lid the lid the lid the lid thelidthelidthelid...Freeze‼

Patrick, exhausted, now had his hand on the side of the jar.

SpongeBob: Almost there. Now head for the lid. (hand goes lower) Cold. (hand goes higher) Warmer. (hand goes higher) Warmer. (hand goes higher) Warmer. You're hot. (Patrick touches the lid) Fire‼
Patrick: OH‼ It burns!
SpongeBob: Ok, ok. Wait, wait. Do exactly as I do. (takes the lid off his jar again) Exactly as I do. (takes it off and puts it back every time he says "Exactly") Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.
Patrick: Exactly as you do. (takes lid off the jar) Oh no, I broke it!
SpongeBob: No no, Patrick, you did it!
Patrick: I did? (both cheer as Patrick throws the jar into the floor) Touchdown! I'm jar master!

It transitioned into Sponge and Pat walking out of the KK.

SpongeBob: That was great, Patrick! You really got the hang of it.
Patrick: Yeah. Remember when I had my up? And I put it on the lid?
SpongeBob: Oh, yeah.
Patrick: Then I took the lid off and I thought I broke it!
SpongeBob: (laughs) Yeah.
Patrick: But I didn't. I opened the jar with my hand! And it was all because you showed me how to do it! I'm never gonna forget this.


SpongeBob: Hold on a second, Patrick! It's not the poor camera's fault you can't get a photo.
Patrick: It's not?
SpongeBob: No, it is the very nature of the fragile bubble.
Patrick: It is?
SpongeBob: Yes it is, my friend. Allow me to demonstrate.

SpongeBob blew a bubble microphone as a giant buble in the background was acting as a setting sun.

The sun must set,
At the end of every day

We now see Patrick dressed like a middle-ages actor holding a bubble skull ala Hamlet. A bubble curtain cast upon him.

And the curtain must fall,
At the end of every play

Both the bubble curtain and bubble skull popped. SpongeBob now floated on top of a huge bubble, surrounded by tiny little bubbles.

And every little bubble,
Ever blown, must someday pop!

All the bubles, including his buble microphone, all popped.

Patrick now rushed towards a bubble Christmas tree with bubble presents. SpongeBob is also seen in a buble Santa hat and beard.

Like presents on Christmas Day,
*the presents and SpongeBob's get-up all pop*
It doesn't seem to stay

He showed up an impresive-looking bubble souffl to SpongeBob.

Or a cheese souffl,
*the souffl pops*
It doesn't last all day

SpongeBob: (as a bubble is rising up)
I will try...again...
*backup vocals* Try again...
*holds up his bubble wand*
To blow a bubble...
*backup vocals* To blow a bubble...
[/i]That will last the whole day![/i]♪
*backup vocals* Blow a bubble that will last...*Patrick-like vocal*...Whole day


SpongeBob and Patrick, stuffed from drinking too much soda, refuse to look at each other. Then Spongebob hiccuped a bubble which flew over to Patrick, and popped, revealing a burp whisper. They both started laughing, releasing thousands of bubbles that filled up the house. In a closeup of Squidward unlocking the door, we hear a hgue crashing sound.

Squidward: I should just walk away right now.

He opened the door to see the house was now destroyed from being overfilled with bubbles.

Squidward: What a surprise. I invited them in, and I left them alone. Well, Squidward, what have we learned today?

The pieces around the doorway fell down.

SpongeBob: Guess what, Squidward?
Patrick: (as they're hugging) Me and SpongeBob are friends again!
Squidward: Great. Go be friends somewhere else.
SpongeBob: Dont you want us to help you clean this up a little?
Squidward: No! Out!

They both walked out.

SpongeBob: (whispering) I think hes jealous.
Patrick: How pathetic.


SpongeBob: I cant do this! (runs back but runs into Patrick) Patrick!
Patrick: Where do you think youre going?
SpongeBob: I was just...
Patrick: No youre not. Youre going to the Krusty Krab to get that job!
SpongeBob: I cant, dont you see? Im not good enough!
Patrick: Whos first words were, "May I take your order?"
SpongeBob: Mine were.
Patrick: Who made a spatula out of toothpicks in wood shop?
SpongeBob: I did.
Patrick: Whos a...(thinks hard)...uhh...whos...whos a big yellow cube with holes?!
SpongeBob: I am!
Patrick: Whos ready?
SpongeBob: Im ready!
Patrick: Whos ready?
SpongeBob: Im ready!
Patrick: Whos ready?!
SpongeBob: Im ready‼ (running towards Krusty Krab) I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...


SpongeBob: Umm...
Patrick: It's the Clamburglar! And he's stealing my secret box! Hand over the goods, box-bandit, and prepare for your most unpleasant pillow fight of your life!

Patrick fluffed his pillow with the sound effect of a gun loading.

SpongeBob: Wait, Patrick! (takes off mask) It's me, SpongeBob.
Patrick: Nice try, burglar, but SpongeBob is my best friend, and he would never steal from me.
SpongeBob: No, really, Patrick, look!

He flashed the BFF ring on his finger, causing Patrick to gasp. The miniuture SB & Pat cutouts on the ring circled around and sang a little tune.

Miniuture Sponge & Pat:
It's the Best Friends Forever,
Best Friends Forever,
Best Friends Forever Ring!

Patrick: Our friendship ring! It is you! (starts crying) How could you do this?!
SpongeBob: If it makes you feel better, I haven't looked inside.
Patrick: That's it, SpongeBob! You've crossed the line. This friendship is now over‼
SpongeBob: (tearing up) Really?
Patrick: Nah, you can look inside it if you really want to.

"Alright, this next scene makes me a bit nervous, well, for several reasons. Mainly, I don't want to spoil W&G: Curse of the Were-Rabbit for you guys, as if Stevie wasn't a big enough spoiler already. =O

For the safety of those who don't want Were-Rabbit spoiled for them, I put this scene from Were-Jellyfish from spoilers. You've been warned. ;(


Mr. Krabs: Eat carrot, jelly boy! (laughs maniacally)

We then see Patrick coming up behind him in his little bi-plane. Mr. Krabs fired the shot. Slow harmonious music played as Patrick pressed down the pedal and sped up the plane, which whoosed past both Mr. Krabs and the bullet. He grabbed a rope and spun around the pole the Were-Jellyfish (aka SpongeBob) *pauses for gasps from readers* was standing on, and the bullet then lodged into the plane, which blocked the shot. The Were-Jellyfish cheered.

Mr. Krabs: (jumping up and down with his gun) Oh, blasted billions!

The little jellyfishes cheered at the bottom as Patrick and (SpongeBob) high-fived each other, just before Patrick realized he was doomed. =O

Everyone stopped cheering imemdiately.

Mr. Krabs: Huh?

(SpongeBob) jumped down and embraced Patrick, saving him from a deathly fall. They crashed into the Krabby Patties tent.

Stevie (No-Name): (running out of the tent) GIANT JELLYFISH RAINING FROM THE SKY!!! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!


Patrick was now in tears, embracing the photos.

Patrick: OHH! SpongeBob helped me achieve my first-ever accomplishment, he showed me the ways of the bubble, I helped him get his job as fry cook, I forgave him for his deathly act, and
we saved each other in an epic of SQUISHY PROPORTIONS

He then picked up another photo on the couch.

Patrick: And worst of all...


*continued from the previous clip, their pants drop revealing their underwear*
SpongeBob: Yellow!
Patrick: Pink?
SpongeBob and Patrick: (eyes watering) You do care!

They both started crying and hugged each other.

SpongeBob: Let's promise never to fight again, buddy.
Patrick: Yeah, pal. Let's go home.

The two friends walk off whistling. The crowd boos.

*the scene with Mr. Krabs and Plankton is cut out*

Patrick: (as they're walking out of the stadium) You're my best friend ever.
SpongeBob: You too, Patrick.


Patrick: (crying) ...we promised never to fight again‼ What have I done?!

Then his focus turned back to Spongey, who was still falling towards the floor.

SpongeBob: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
Patrick: I'll save you, SpongeBob‼ AGAIN!!

He grabbed SpongeBob just before he slow-mo. =O

SpongeBob: Patrick! You saved me! Again!
Patrick: I know‼ And I'm so sorry‼
SpongeBob: So...are we friends again?
Patrick: Heck, yeah!

Stevie walked over to them, badly beaten up and bruised.

Stevie: (dazed) Well...I've taught myself enough lessons for one week...
SpongeBob: Hey, guys? How about we take another picture? Just for the album?
Patrick and Stevie: Yeah!

They got onto the couch, and SpongeBob held out the camera. He flashed it.

*sound of Stevie chomping a burrito*

The photo is taken, but we see that Stevie messed it up by eating a dripping burrito, disgusting the both of them. We cut to them looking at it in the album.

Sponge and Pat: STEVIE!
Patrick: If there's one bad thing that came out of parodying Wallace and Gromit: the Curse of the Were-Jellyfish, it's YOU!
Stevie: Uh-oh!

We cut to outside of the house, where we hears sounds of the two beating Stevie up.

End of So It's Come to This: A SpongeBob SquarePants Clip Show

Written by

Directed by

Original Story by
Jon Vitti

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Featuring Clips From the Following SpongeBob Episodes
"Help Wanted"
"Naughty Nautical Neighbors"
"Scaredy Pants"
"Rock Bottom"
"Something Smells"
"Fools in April"
"Big Pink Loser"
"Bubble Buddy"
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Also Featuring Clips From the Following Douglas-Z Lost Fics
"Curse of the Were-Jellyfish"
"The Big Day"
"Dennis's Final Strike"
"Life Father, Like Son"

"So It's Come to This: A SpongeBob SquarePants Clip Show"

Tom Kenny...........SpongeBob, Stevie, Grandpa SquarePants, TV Announcer
Bill Fagerbakke.....Patrick
Rodger Bumpass...Squidward

Guest Starring
Hank Azaria as "Dr. Frank"
Alec Baldwin as "Dennis"
Dan Canstanella as "Dennis" (squeaky voice)

Also Starring
Tom Kenny.............SpongeBob, Grandpa SquarePants, Firey Fist Attendant, Fred, Stevie, Various voices
Bill Fagerbakke.......Patrick, Various voices
Clancy Brown.........Mr. Krabs, Bus Driver, TattleTale Strangler
Jill Taley.................Phone Operator
Rodger Bumpass.....Squidward
Lori Alan.................Pearl
Thomas Wilson........Horace
Mr. Lawrence...........Plankton
Jim Wise.................SpongeBob's rock voice
Dee Bradley Baker...Were-Jellyfish

Special Thanks to All Who Read and Commented on This Fic
Band Geek
Homer Simpson

Special Thanks to Spongey34 and ssj4gogita4 For Writing Their SBM Transcripts For the Following Episodes
"Help Wanted"
"Naughty Nautical Neighbors"
"Scaredy Pants"
"Rock Bottom"
"Fools in April"
"Big Pink Loser"
"Bubble Buddy"
"Christmas Who?"
"The Fry Cook Games"
"The Idiot Box"
"Chocolate With Nuts"
"Good Neighbors"

Also Special Thanks to
Freewebs' "The Idiot Box" for the The Secret Box transcript
Jon Vitti and the Simpsons crew for coming out with So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show
Anyone reading these credits right now for reading my great fic and these boring credits :(

Almost no jellyfish were harmed during the making of this fic. Just a few.

That's right. I'm making credits now. What are you gonna do about it?

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