So It's Come to This: A SpongeBob SquarePants Clip Show

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Sep 22, 2005
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It's important to remember that SpongeBob still has his Channel Chasers cable subscription from SpongeBob CablePants.

So It's Come to This: A SpongeBob SquarePants Clip Show

Welcome to a half-hour trip down memory lane on our little show of SpongeBob SquarePants. You will see clips from the first five seasons of the show, plus unreleased footage from abandoned Douglas-Z fanfics, such as the long-lost Curse of the Were-Jellyfish trilogy!

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Featuring Clips From
SpongeBob SquarePants: Seasons 1-5

Anything Else I Forgot

[sup]2007 Douglas-Z Fic Publishing, Inc.[/sup]

*bubble transition into the episode*

Narrator: Why don't I just let our little spongey friend take it from here?

We cut inside the house of SpongeBob SquarePants. His friends Patrick and Stevie were watching SpongeBob's TV.

Announcer: Next, on an all-new Claw and Order...
Stevie: Seen it.
*changes channel*
Singers: The Shrimpsons...
Male voice: ...Movie, on the big screen!
Stevie: Seen it on GooTube.[sup]1
[/sup]*changes channel*
English Narrator: It's CoralOtto RectangularShorts!
Stevie: Who would ever watch a show like that?
*changes channel*
Announcer: This Saturday, Chicken Network presents...Clawder!
Female voice: I'm not your girlfriend, I'm not your girlfriend...
Stevie: Seen it.
*changes channel*
Annoucncer: Welcome back to Politically Wrong.
Stevie: Seen it.
Patrick: You haven't seen Politcally Wrong before.
Stevie: Yeah, I have. In fact, I've even been inside it. I have a whole secret life that you don't even know about.
Patrick: Woowwww. I wish I had a secret life that I didn't even know about.
Stevie: Maybe you do, Patrick. Maybe you do.

SpongeBob then walked in holding a huge photo album.

SpongeBob: Look what a few hours of digging through the old attic can get you!
Patrick: (as Stevie turns off the TV) What's that thing, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: This Patrick is a photo album. It's kept our memories thick and span from within its spine.
Stevie: (grabs the photo album and skims through it) Not me, not me, not me, not me...hey, where am I? There's no me! What kind of cheap episode is this?!
SpongeBob: Stevie, these photos were taken back in the days before the Mind-Manipulation accident. The days when you were a wee jellyfish.

He flipped the photo album to pictures taken of No-Name from Jellyfish Hunter.

SpongeBob: Remember this day, back when you were just an average jellyfish?


SpongeBob: I've caught and named every jellyfish here at least once, except for you...Ol' No-Name.
No-Name (today known as Stevie): (buzzing sounds) {Bring it on.}
SpongeBob: (victory screech-like noises)

He jumped up through several attempts to capture No-Name, including running with a can stuck to his foot and his won pants blasting off as he very narrowly missed No-Name in his underwear.

SpongeBob: Barnacles! Someday I'll catch that old No-Name.


Stevie: Oh yeah, I remember that...barely. That was funny when your pants blasted off. I would've laughed if I could! Dahahahaha!!!!!!!
SpongeBob: Yes yes, it's always high comedy when the sponge drops his pants. Although to me, that brings back memories of when I wanted to fly with the jellyfish.


If only I could join you there in the air,
Floating free without a care,
I wish I could fly,
And see things with a different eye!

*eye morphs into one before becoming SB's fantasy of flying*

I would fly so very high and touch the sky,
And never have to ask why it is that I can't fly

He then landed back on the ground with a thud.

SpongeBob: Wait! I'm forgetting the words of Grandpa SquarePants.
*in SpongeBob's mind*
Grandpa SquarePants: If we were meant to fly, we'd have propellers on our heads and jet engines on our backs.
SpongeBob: I'm gonna follow his advice, by gum! I'll invent a flying machine!

*bubble transition*

Patrick walked over to SpongeBob, who was building a wooden bi-plane.

Patrick: What's that contraption, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: That Patrick is a flying machine.
*Patrick starts laughing*
SpongeBob: (turns to him) What's so funny?
Patrick: It's like my grandfather used to say.
*in Patrick's mind*
Grandpa SquarePants: If we were meant to fly...hey! (pokes Patrick's forehead with his cane) I'm not your grandfather!
*he poofs away*


Patrick is laughing.

SpongeBob: (turns to him) What's so funny?
Patrick: It's like my grandfather used to say.
*in Patrick's mind*
Grandpa SquarePants: An elephant never forgets. Unless the elephant doesn't remember. Then, he...wait a minute! (turns to Patrick) Think about me again and I'll come out of this thought bubble and strangle you!
*he poofs away*
Patrick: What just happened?
SpongeBob: (opens up the photo album) Um...let's just look through our photo album, shall we?
Patrick: Huh?

Next scene name: A Starfish may Sometimes Forget...
Will be added on: Monday, November 12th.
May not be suitable for: obviously, this entire fic won't fully appeal to those who haven't seen most, if not all of the episodes from the (actual) show.

[sup]1[/sup]Believe it or not, I have actually seen the entire Simpsons Movie on YouTube.

Perry The Platypus

Jul 13, 2005
Grandpa SquarePants: An elephant never forgets. Unless the elephant doesn't remember. Then, he...wait a minute! (turns to Patrick) Think about me again and I'll come out of this thought bubble and strangle you!


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Sep 22, 2005
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Scene number: 2
Scene name: A Starfish May Sometimes Forget...
Featuring Clips From:
"Scaredy Pants"
"Curse of the Were-Jellyfish" (unreleased Douglas-Z fic)
"Spy Buddies"

SpongeBob pointed to a picture of him and Patrick in their Halloween costumes standing in front of the giant Jack-o-Lantern, from Scaredy-Pants, giving a thumbs-up.

SpongeBob: Ooh, ohh, look, Patrick! That's when we went trick-or-treating!
Patrick: Trick-or-whooey now?
SpongeBob: Don't you remember, Patrick?


SpongeBob and Patrick are running over to someone's house.

Spongebob: (wearing his Flying Dutchman costume) Oooooh...Im the Flying Dutchman!
Patrick: (wearing his Groucho Marx disguise) Oooooh...I dont know who I am!

They knocked on the door. A fish-man answered.

Spongebob: Rarr! Rarr! Im the Flying Dutchman!
Patrick: Oooooh, Im the Flying Dutchmans best friend!

They both ran off laughing.

Man: Hey, dont you kids want your candy?


SpongeBob: Oh, wasn't that a hoot, Patrick?
Patrick: What was?
SpongeBob: When we went trick-or-treating and we scared the pants off that guy! Remember? At all?
Patrick: (shaking his head)
Stevie: This'll jog your memory. Remember when you got in that spade-fight with Mr. Krabs's pet worm?


This was during the climax at the Jellyfish Jelly competition. Patrick was scaling the roofs of Downtown Bikini Bottom in a compact Anti-Pesto S.W.A.T Team plane, on the chase of Mr. Krabs and the Were-Jellyfish.

Patrick: Huh?

He noticed in the dashboard the reflection of Mr. Wiggles about to whack him stupid with a spade. Patrick turned around and grabbed it.

Patrick: Oh no you don't, wormy!

Mr. Wiggles turned it down, about to choke Patrick. Just then, the plane stopped, flashing "INSERT COINS".

Patrick sat up.

Patrick: Hold this, will ya?

He handed the spade to Mr. Wiggles as he searched through his pockets. He sifted through pennies and a couple of dimes.

Patrick: Aw shoot, those were my last quarters...[sup]1[/sup]

Mr. Wiggles sighed and handed the spade back to Parick. He then pulled out a frilly flower purse, which puzzled Patrick. Mr. Wiggles looked up and smiled sheepishly before pulling out a quarter and placing it into the slot.

They immediately went back into the fight, just as the plane leaped off the rooftop. Patrick reached over to the dashboard and pulled the "Trap Door" button. Mr. Wiggles immediately dropped down, landing on the Inflatable treedome, which then deflated.

Patrick: Smell ya later, wormy!


Stevie: Oh, that was such a good night. I probably ate more Krabby Patties then my digestive tract can fit.

SpongeBob and Patrick were both equally confused as to which night Stevie was referring to.

SpongeBob: What...night are
Stevie: You guys drink too much caffinated beverages. They're rotting your minds.
SpongeBob: Stevie, you drink more caffinated beverages then both of us combined.
Stevie: (turns his back on them) Exactly!

SpongeBob turned his attention back to the photo album.

SpongeBob: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh ohh! Look, Patrick! Here's something you'll remember!

It showed a picture of Sponge and Pat using the jet pack from Spy Buddies.

SpongeBob: That's when Mr. Krabs hired us to spy on Plankton! Remember that?


Sponge and Pat hopped into the Spy-Mobile.

SpongeBob: Hmm, mines, oil slick, smoke screen, shield...
Patrick: Self-destruct!

He presed the red button, which caused the whole-thing to explode. Patrick's pants started ringing.

Patrick: There's a call coming through on my pants-a-phone.
Mr. Krabs: (on pants-a-phone) Krabs to Agent SpongeBob. Come in, SpongeBob.
Patrick: (turns around) It's for you.
SpongeBob: Agent SpongeBob here.
Mr. Krabs: You found out what Plankton's up to?
SpongeBob: I'm afraid we lost him, Mr. Krabs!
Mr. Krabs: Well, find him lad! I'm not paying you to goof off with Patrick!
SpongeBob: You're not paying me at all, Mr. Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: Exactly. So get to work.
*he hangs up*
Operator Voice: If you'd like to make a call, please deposit twenty-five cents.

SpongeBob pulled out a quarter.

*bubble transition*

Sponge and Pat were now on the roof of the Chum Bucket.

SpongeBob: Now, how do we get inside?
Patrick: I think the front door's open.
SpongeBob: Spies don't use the front door, Patrick. We'v eogtta figure out a complicated way to get in.
Patrick: This looks like a job for Patrick Star LazerPants!

He activated the lazer on his shorts, which cut a hole through the roof.

SpongeBob: Oooooh...

The lazer ended with a fart.


SpongeBob: Dahahahahaha!!!! Those were some good times! Do you at least remember that, Patrick?
Patrick: Remember what?
SpongeBob: (sigh) I give up.
Patrick: Wait! I just remembered something!
Stevie: Is it the secret to the universe?!
Patrick: (stares at him blankly) No.

Next scene name: ...Unless He Remembers!
Will probably be added on: Friday, November 16th.
May not be suitable for: Obviously, this entire fic won't fully appeal to those who haven't seen most, if not all of the episodes from the (actual) show, excluding the movie.

[sup]1[/sup]A callback to one of my favorite lines from Sleepy Time.

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Sep 22, 2005
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Sorry this scene took a while to get up. It took me a while to figure out what Patrick could remember.

Scene number: 3
Scene name: ...Unless He Remembers!
Featuring Clips From:
"Something Smells"
"Roller Cowards"
"Rock Bottom"


Patrick: Maybe a story will cheer you up.

He grabbed SpongeBob and sat him in a chair.

Patrick: It's called "The Ugly Barnacle". Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.
SpongeBob: That didn't help at all.


SpongeBob: That's what you remember?
Stevie: (points to Patrick) Lame!
Patrick: What?! I am not lame!
Stevie: (points to Patrick) LAME!
Patrick: I said stop!

Stevie flipped a switch attached to a hat he was wearing. The camera zoomed out to show it was a giant neon arrow pointing to Patrick, flashing the words "LAME" and then eventually, "NOT A MONKEY".

Patrick: Why, you little Bastiodon!

He pulled out a lazer gun and zapped Stevie.

Stevie: (scorched) I regret nothing!

He burned into ashes.

SpongeBob: What did you just do?
Patrick: I disintegrated him.
SpongeBob: What??!
Patrick: Don't worry. He'll be back to normal after the commercial break.
SpongeBob: He will?
Patrick: Sure, everyone knows of the "reset button" technique that occurs during a commercial break. And plus, this is a non-canonical episode anyway, so it doesn't really matter either way.
SpongeBob: You know, that lazer gun reminds me of the lazer they had at Glove World's Firey Fist O' Pain roller coaster.
Patrick: Oh, yeah!

He flipped through pages of the album before coming upon a photo taken of Sponge and Pat on the roller coaster screaming their brains out.

Patrick: I remember that!


Firey Fist Attendant: Have fun!

He pressed the button, which launched both of them up the roller coaster.

SpongeBob: Patrick, I don't wanna face my fears! I'm afraid of 'em!

They whimpered as the car stopped at the top of the first loop.

SpongeBob: Goodbye, Patrick.
Patrick: Goodbye, SpongeBob.

The car then proceeded to go down, the two of them screaming in the process.

The car narrowly dodged a razor blade, a giant flaming fist (possibly the origin of the ride's name), and a lazer-beam that resulted in SpongeBob's rememberence of this in the first place.

At one point, their skeltons popped out as the car descended down a valley and then back up. When they got back up, SpongeBob and Patrick swithced surfaces (i.e. skin textures, facial features).

They looked down and screamed as the car descended down, ending in explosive diarrhea.


SpongeBob and Patrick both laughed.

Patrick: My gull bladder still feels ticklish after that commacozzy (I don't know how to spell it) expierience.
SpongeBob: And remember the other fun times we had in Glove World?


SpongeBob and Patrick are standing at the bus stop outside of Glove World.

SpongeBob: Another fantastic day at Glove World!

The bus pulled in. They both got in, but SpongeBob had to squeeze his balloon it.

Bus Driver: Ahem. (points to the coin deposit box)
SpongeBob: Oh! Let me get my wallet.

He sifted through his pockets, whacking the bus driver in the head with the balloon several times in the process.

SpongeBob: (calling) Patrick, do you have any change?
Patrick: How much do you need?
SpongeBob: (turns around and hits him) How much?
Bus Driver: Fifty cents.
SpongeBob: (turns around again) Fifty cents!
Patrick: No.
SpongeBob: (smacks him again) Let me check my other pocket...
Bus Driver: Forget it!
SpongeBob: What did you say?
Bus Driver: Just take your seat.
SpongeBob: Thanks, mister.

He walks over to Patrick.

Patrick: Show me what you got at Glove World.
SpongeBob: OK! Here's my glove light.

He pulled out a flashlight that was in the shape of a glove.

Patrick: Wow...
SpongeBob: (sticks it into his head) I see you!
*they both laugh*

Patrick pulled out a toy glove.

Patrick: I got gloves for my glove action-figure!

He put a tiny glove onto his glove's thumb.

SpongeBob: Cool!


Patrick: Oh, that reminds me! Check it out!

He pulled out his toy glove again. It now had bigger gloves on every finger.

Patrick: I finally got all five Mega-Gloves for my glove action figure! Now I'm gonna start working on the ones that glow in the dark.
SpongeBob: Cool.

Next scene name: The Antics of SpongeBob and Patrick!
Will probably be added on: Sunday, November 18th.
May not be suitable for: Obviously, this entire fic won't fully appeal to those who haven't seen most, if not all of the episodes from the (actual) show.

LOL, Patrick's getting technical about television continuity. O_o

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I want to get lost in your rock and roll
Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
Sorry this scene took a while to get up. It took me a while to figure out what Patrick could remember.

Scene number: 4
Scene name: The Antics of SpongeBob and Patrick
Featuring Clips From:
"Chocolate With Nuts"
"Night Light"
"SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"
"The Smoking Peanut"

Patrick: It's times like this that make me reminise our odd antics together.

SpongeBob continued to sift through the album. He then found a picture of SpongeBob and Patrick carrying crates of chocolate bars from Chocolate With Nuts.

SpongeBob: Look, Patrick!
Patrick: Hey, we're entre peanuts again!
SpongeBob: i think you mean 'entrepeuners', Patrick.
Patrick: Gesundheit.

CLIP FROM Chocolate With Nuts

SpongeBob and Patrick were carrying the crates of chocolate bars that the scheming entrepeuner had put onto their shoudlers.

SpongeBob: Dont get me wrong, Patrick. Its great that we helped that guy out, but theres no one else in town to sell chocolate bars to.

He fell over, as the crate landed in his face.

SpongeBob: Lets face it Patrick, were failures.
Patrick: (puts his crate on top of SpongeBob's) I can live with that. (sits on top of the crates)
SpongeBob: Lets change our names to Why and Bother.

Tom popped up from behind.

SpongeBob: (as Patrick is crying) No-no! We're sorry! Don't hurt us!
Tom: (laughs maniacally) Finally! Ive been trying to catch you boys all day! Now that Ive got you right where I want you...(holds up a huge bundle of money)...Id like to buy all of your chocolate.

All the chocolate the boys had carried dropped out of their pants, including a tiny Hershey's Kiss. They both melted into pink and yellow puddles.

SpongeBob: Thank you for your patronage.


Patrick: That guy was nuts.
SpongeBob: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Here's that photo we took at our first sleepover!

CLIP FROM Night Light

The light from SpongeBob's house woke up Patrick.

Patrick: (walking over to his window) Hey, SpongeBob's having a party? Without me?

He stormed over to SpongeBob's brightly-lit house and knocked on the door.

Patrick: Throw a party without your best friend, we'll just see about that!

Just then, SpongeBob pulled him in.

SpongeBob: That was close, Patrick. We'll be safe here under these night-lights. But you gotta stay out of the dark, buddy! You never know what kind of creeping critter could be lurking in those shadows!

Patrick, frightned, ran out the door.

SpongeBob: Wait, Patrick!

He sat back into his chair as a rumbling sound was heard.

SpongeBob: What is that, Gary?!

Just then, Patrick pushed his rock into the room, squeezing SpongeBob onto it.

SpongeBob: Patrick, what are you doing?!
Patrick: Oh, I had to move my rock out of the dark and into the light.
SpongeBob: You know what that means! (jumps onto a neon "Sleepover!" sign) Sleepover! (hands a sleeping bag to Patrick) Your sleeping bag, sir.
Patrick: (takes the bag) Thank you, my good man.

They jumped inside and started hopping around inside the sleeping bags. They both laughed.

SpongeBob: Oh, Patrick, I'm so glad you made that gaping hole in the wall letting in all the....d-d-da-d...(with Patrick)...dark!!!

They both screamed and hid from the hole.


Patrick: That was a great deal of pizza we had.
SpongeBob: We didn't have any pizza at that sleepover, Patrick.
Patrick: We didn't?
SpongeBob: No, silly! You're thinking of those parties we had!

CLIP FROM SpongeBob Meets the Strangler

Everybody: Surprise!

A poster came down saying, "Congratulations SpongeBob 100% On Time".

SpongeBob: (being put down by the Strangler) A surprise party to celebrate my on-time percentage at work?! Oh, how did you guys know?!
Patrick: (holding up an invitation) It's on the invitations you sent us! Let's boogie!

They went to party as the Strangler sat in the chair, waiting for the party to end.

*bubble transition*

SpongeBob: Bye, everybody! Thanks! Bye, Mr. Krabs! Bye, Plankton! Bye, Sandy! Bye, Larry! Bye, Pearl! Bye, Mrs. Puff! Bye, Squidward! Bye, everyba-else!

He walked inside to the sleeping Strangler.

SpongeBob: Dahahaha! Aah, alone at last.
Strangler: (wakes up) So, we're all alone now!
SpongeBob: Just you, me, and the floorboards.

They both started to laugh evilly until there was a knock on the door. SpongeBob answered it. It was everybody again.

Everybody: Happy birthday, SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: How did you guys know today is my birthday?
Patrick: We just do what the invitations say! Let's boogie some more!

Everybody piled back in as the music started again. Exhausted, the Strangler sat back onto the chair.

*bubble transition*

SpongeBob: (calling out the door) Thanks for coming! Dahahaha! Alone again!
Strangler: Is it true? Everybody's gone?
SpongeBob: Uh-huh.
Strangler: No more parties today? You got everything you need now, nobody's left, we're completely alone?
SpongeBob: Uh-huh.
Strangler: In that case...

He grabbed SpongeBob again. Then Patrick popped up.

Patrick: Great parties, huh?
Strangler: Sorry, tubby! You gotta go!

He picked Patrick up.

StongeBob: Wait! We can trust Patrick. He's my best friend.
Strangler: I can't take any chances! For all we know, he could be the Strangler.
Patrick: I'm the Strangler?! Oh, I should've known! I gotta turn myself in!

He busted out, leaving a star-shaped hole in the hall.


Patrick: Hmmm, didn't we have peanuts at that party too?
SpongeBob: (flipping through the album) No, but that does remind me of that time we went to the Bikini Bottom Zoo!
*shows a picture of them at the zoo, which is taken from the cover of the book Zoo Day Diaster!*


Patrick was chained in the Oyster Stadium after being accused of throwing a peanut at the giant oyster Clamu, upsetting it.

Guy in the Audience: Hey, everybody! Let's throw peanuts at him and see how he likes it!

They started throwing peanuts at Patrick.

Patrick: I get what I desserve.

He ate the peanuts as they were thrown and eventually swallowed them with great effort.

Patrick: Ouch.

Everyone started yelling and booing at him.

SpongeBob: WAAAIIIITTTTT!!!!!!! Hold you peanuts! Patrick Star is innocent! I have come ehre to reveal the truth!

As SpongeBob talked, Patrick decided to make it mroe dramatic by humming background music.

SpongeBob: They say that truth and honesty shall be rewarded with trust and forgiveness! I'm here to lay my cards on the table! To trim the branches of deception from the tree of life! To shave away the unkept from the face of truth! I...
Guy in the Audience: Ehh, just get on with it!
SpongeBob: I am the one who threw the peanut! I know now that what I have done is wrong, and so I say, I am sorry, giant performing oyster. I am sorry, Patrick. I am sorry, citizens of Bikini Bottom.

Patrick ceased his humming as SpongeBob finished. Their was a brief pause in the audience.

Guy in the Adueince: Hey, everybody! Let's throw peanuts at both of them!
Everybody: Yeah!
Zookeeper: Wait! (drags Mr. Krabs in) Here is the criminal!
Mr. Krabs: o' the morning! (mustache falls off)
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs!
*everyone in the audience gasps*
Patrick: I knew it!
Zookeeper: Mr. Krabs has stolen a very important item from the oyster! Behold!

He held up Mr. Krabs's clothes, disgusting the audience.

Zookeeper: Wiat a minute.

He put the clothes back and held up a pearl.

Zookeeper: Behold! The oyster's pearl!

The audinece gasped. He handed the pearl back to Clamu.

Zookeeper: Here ya go, girl!

He tipped his hat and backed away. Everyone cheered, until the pearl started to crack.

They gasped again. The pearl broke, revealing a baby oyster inside.

Baby Oyster: (gurgling) Mama! Mama!
SpongeBob: Mother of pearl! The oyser's a mother, and that pearl's no pearl. It's an egg!
Baby Oyster: (gurgling) Mama!

It jumped onto Clamu's back and they smiled in love.

Audience: Awwwww....

Then, they all turned angrily to Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: But it' day.

They showered and buried him in peanuts.


Patrick: That was the best! It was almost as good as that time the bacon silo broke.
SpongeBob: What?

Next scene: Bubbles, Boats, and Bacon?! Oh, My!
May not be suitable for: The next scene probably wouldn't fully suit any of you people. :)