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Pinned thread Season 11 Discussion


Jun 13, 2019
Cave dwelling sponge: Good
The clam whisperer: Good
Spot returns: Excellent
The check up: Decent
There's a sponge in my soup: Decent
Man ray returns: Excellent
Larry the floor manager: Decent
The legend of boo-kini bottom: Good
No pictures please: Good
Stuck on the roof: Okay
Krabby patty creature feature: Good
Teacher's pests: Decent
Sanitation sanity: Good
Cuddle E hugs: Okay [Weirdest episode in SpongeBob SquarePants ever]
Pat the horse: Decent
Chatterbox Gary: Good
Don't feed the clowns: Good
Drive happy: Okay
Old man Patrick: Decent
Fun sized friends: Okay
Grandmum's the word: N/A
Doodle dimension: Excellent
Moving bubble bass: Good
High sea diving: Decent
Bottle burglars: Good
My leg!: Amazing
Ink Lemonade: (**NOT**WATCHABLE**)

Mustard O' mine: Good
Shopping list: Decent
Whale watching: Good
Krusty kleaners: Okay
Patnocchio: Okay
ChefBob: Masterpiece
Plankton paranoia: Excellent
Library cards: Okay
Call the cops: Good
Surf N' turf: Decent
Goons on the moon: N/A
Appointment TV: N/A
Karen's virus: Excellent
The grill is gone: Okay
The night patty: N/A
Bubbletown: Good
Girl's night out: Good
Squirrel jelly: (WTF) Mediocre
The string: Good

Terrible episodes: 1
Awful episodes: 0
Bad episodes: 0
Mediocre episodes: 1
Okay episodes: 7
Decent episodes: 8
Good episodes: 16
Great episodes: 0
Excellent episodes: 5
Amazing episodes: 1
Masterpiece episodes: 1

Rating: 48.8/100 Good season
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Jun 22, 2019
Cave Dwelling Sponge: Good
The Clam Whisperer: Good
Spot Returns: Good
The Check-Up: Great
Spin the Bottle: Good
There's a Sponge in my Soup: Good
Man Ray Returns: Amazing
Larry the Floor Manager: Great
The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom: Great
No Pictures Please: Amazing
Stuck on the Roof: Good
Krabby Patty Creature Feature: Great
Teacher's Pests: Good
Sanitation Insanity: Good
Bunny Hunt: Good
Squid Noir: Amazing
Scavenger Pants: Great
Cuddle E. Hugs: Eh
Pat the Horse: Good
Chatterbox Gary: Good
Don't Feed the Clowns: Eh
Drive Happy: Mediocre
Old Man Patrick: Great
Fun-Sized Friends: Bad
Grandmum's the Word: Eh
Doodle Dimension: Eh
Moving Bubble Bass: Good
High Sea Diving: Good
Bottle Burglars: Good
My Leg!: Great
Ink Lemonade: Good
Mustard O' Mine: Great
Shopping List: Good
Whale Watching: Eh
Krusty Kleaners: Amazing
Patnocchio: Great
ChefBob: Good
Plankton Paranoia: Great
Library Cards: Eh
Call the Cops: Good
Surf N' Turf: Good
Goons on the Moon: Good
Appointment TV: Mediocre
Karen's Virus: Good
The Grill is Gone: Good
The Night Patty: Bad
Bubbletown: Mediocre
Girls' Night Out: Eh
Squirrel Jelly: Eh
The String: Great

Overall, I like this season. It contains my third favorite of the series (Man Ray Returns) and there are a lot of really great episodes. This season can be a bit boring at times, hence the amount of eh and lower episodes, but most of the episodes are enjoyable. The humor here is a little weaker than the previous seasons, since there is less dialogue humor, but it's made up for by the entertaining plots these episodes bring, since a lot of plots in this season are quite unique, even if some are rip offs. The animation is amazing, I just love the wackiness of every episode. So overall, this is a good season.