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Part Computer or Something
Jun 13, 2019
Cave dwelling sponge: Good
The clam whisperer: Good
Spot returns: Excellent
The check up: Decent
There's a sponge in my soup: Decent
Man ray returns: Excellent
Larry the floor manager: Decent
The legend of boo-kini bottom: Good
No pictures please: Good
Stuck on the roof: Okay
Krabby patty creature feature: Good
Teacher's pests: Decent
Sanitation sanity: Good
Cuddle E hugs: Okay [Weirdest episode in SpongeBob SquarePants ever]
Pat the horse: Decent
Chatterbox Gary: Good
Don't feed the clowns: Good
Drive happy: Okay
Old man Patrick: Decent
Fun sized friends: Okay
Grandmum's the word: N/A
Doodle dimension: Excellent
Moving bubble bass: Good
High sea diving: Decent
Bottle burglars: Good
My leg!: Amazing
Ink Lemonade: (**NOT**WATCHABLE**)

Mustard O' mine: Good
Shopping list: Decent
Whale watching: Good
Krusty kleaners: Okay
Patnocchio: Okay
ChefBob: Masterpiece
Plankton paranoia: Excellent
Library cards: Okay
Call the cops: Good
Surf N' turf: Decent
Goons on the moon: N/A
Appointment TV: N/A
Karen's virus: Excellent
The grill is gone: Okay
The night patty: N/A
Bubbletown: Good
Girl's night out: Good
Squirrel jelly: (WTF) Mediocre
The string: Good

Terrible episodes: 1
Awful episodes: 0
Bad episodes: 0
Mediocre episodes: 1
Okay episodes: 7
Decent episodes: 8
Good episodes: 16
Great episodes: 0
Excellent episodes: 5
Amazing episodes: 1
Masterpiece episodes: 1

Rating: 48.8/100 Good season
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Moby Dollar
Jun 22, 2019
Cave Dwelling Sponge: Good
The Clam Whisperer: Good
Spot Returns: Good
The Check-Up: Great
Spin the Bottle: Good
There's a Sponge in my Soup: Good
Man Ray Returns: Amazing
Larry the Floor Manager: Great
The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom: Great
No Pictures Please: Amazing
Stuck on the Roof: Good
Krabby Patty Creature Feature: Great
Teacher's Pests: Good
Sanitation Insanity: Good
Bunny Hunt: Good
Squid Noir: Amazing
Scavenger Pants: Great
Cuddle E. Hugs: Eh
Pat the Horse: Good
Chatterbox Gary: Good
Don't Feed the Clowns: Eh
Drive Happy: Mediocre
Old Man Patrick: Great
Fun-Sized Friends: Bad
Grandmum's the Word: Eh
Doodle Dimension: Eh
Moving Bubble Bass: Good
High Sea Diving: Good
Bottle Burglars: Good
My Leg!: Great
Ink Lemonade: Good
Mustard O' Mine: Great
Shopping List: Good
Whale Watching: Eh
Krusty Kleaners: Amazing
Patnocchio: Great
ChefBob: Good
Plankton Paranoia: Great
Library Cards: Eh
Call the Cops: Good
Surf N' Turf: Good
Goons on the Moon: Good
Appointment TV: Mediocre
Karen's Virus: Good
The Grill is Gone: Good
The Night Patty: Bad
Bubbletown: Mediocre
Girls' Night Out: Eh
Squirrel Jelly: Eh
The String: Great

Overall, I like this season. It contains my third favorite of the series (Man Ray Returns) and there are a lot of really great episodes. This season can be a bit boring at times, hence the amount of eh and lower episodes, but most of the episodes are enjoyable. The humor here is a little weaker than the previous seasons, since there is less dialogue humor, but it's made up for by the entertaining plots these episodes bring, since a lot of plots in this season are quite unique, even if some are rip offs. The animation is amazing, I just love the wackiness of every episode. So overall, this is a good season.


Gary the Snail Supremacist
Apr 23, 2016
Far Away
Cave Dwelling Sponge: 7/10
The Clam Whisperer: 7.3/10

Spot Returns: 8.5/10
The Check-Up: 8.3/10

Spin the Bottle: 7/10
There’s a Sponge in My Soup: 6.3/10
Man Ray Returns: 9.2/10
Larry the Floor Manager: 9/10
The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom: 9.5/10

No Pictures Please: 8.5/10
Stuck on the Roof: 6.8/10
Krabby Patty Creature Feature: 9.6/10
Teacher’s Pests: 7/10
Sanitation Insanity: 7/10

Bunny Hunt: 5.2/10
Squid Noir: 9.6/10
Scavenger Pants: 8/10
Cuddle E. Hugs: 5.8/10
Pat the Horse: 5.6/10

Chatterbox Gary: 8/10
Don’t Feed the Clowns: 6/10
Drive Happy: 6.5/10

Old Man Patrick: 7/10
Fun-Sized Friends: 6/10
Grandmum’s the Word: 8.6/10
Doodle Dimension: 8/10
Moving Bubble Bass: 8.2/10

High Sea Diving: 7/10
Bottle Burglars: 9/10
My Leg!: 9.2/10

Ink Lemonade: 3.9/10
Mustard O’ Mine: 9/10
Shopping List: 7.5/10
Whale Watching: 9.2/10
Krusty Kleaners: 7.4/10
Patnocchio: 8.2/10
ChefBob: 9/10
Plankton Paranoia: 9.3/10

Library Cards: 7.6/10
Call the Cops: 7.8/10

Surf N’ Turf: 9/10
Goons on the Moon: 8/10
Appointment TV: 8.4/10

Karen’s Virus: 9/10
The Grill is Gone: 8/10
The Night Patty: 8.5/10

Bubbletown: 7.5/10
Squirrel Jelly: 6/10
The String: 8/10

Bottom 5:
5. Squirrel Jelly
4. Cuddle E. Hugs
3. Pat the Horse
2. Bunny Hunt
1. Ink Lemonade

Top 5:
5. My Leg!
4. Plankton Paranoia
3. The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom
2. Krabby Patty Creature Feature
1. Squid Noir

Total Scoring:
Amazing: 13
Great: 14
Good: 12
Okay: 6
Mediocre: 3
Bad: 0
Atrocity: 1
Abysmal: 0

Additional Comments:
I really like how the writers came up with all these new and different ideas in this season. I also appreciate that they're exploring different character groupings, like Squidward and Pearl in Whale Watching. Many of my favorite episodes of this season did something different, like Squid Noir. SpongeBob needs more of this! Even with episodes I didn’t like, like Cuddle E. Hugs, I respected the fact that they tried something new and weird. Also, all the callbacks and easter eggs are great. Though I was sad that they made it so they never met DoodleBob before in Doodle Dimension.

This was a great/amazing season. It's been a while since picking my top 5 was really difficult, and picking my bottom 5 wasn't so difficult.

Clearly, Ink Lemonade is my bottom episode of the season. I hate to get on a bandwagon but Ink Lemonade is just not entertaining or good. Not just because of the Squidward torture, but it just isn’t funny or anything to me. The facial expressions in this episode were good though. I would’ve put it in the Bad category but the constant assault on my ears that was Squidward’s screaming pushed it over the edge into atrocity.

Lastly, as someone who’s username is literally from my two favorite SpongeBob background characters (Tom & Fred, also why I call myself Ted), I appreciate that they made an episode about Fred and are focusing more on the background characters. Tom episode incoming when?


Moby Dollar
May 13, 2020
Weenie Hut Jr's.
50. Ink Lemonade
49. Cuddle E. Hugs

48. Squirrel Jelly
47. Library Cards
46. Don't Feed the Clowns
45. Bunny Hunt
44. Man Ray Returns
43. Pat the Horse
42. High Sea Diving

41. The Clam Whisperer
40. Fun-Sized Friends
39. Cave Dwelling Sponge
38. Spin the Bottle
37. Old Man Patrick
36. Whale Watching
35. Call the Cops
34. No Pictures Please
33. Surf N' Turf
32. The Check-Up
31. Stuck on the Roof
30. There's a Sponge in My Soup
29. The String
28. Moving Bubble Bass
27. Drive Happy

26. Doodle Dimension
25. Chatterbox Gary
24. Sanitation Insanity
23. Bottle Burglars
22. Teacher's Pests
21. Mustard O' Mine
20. The Grill is Gone
19. Grandmum's the Word
18. Krusty Kleaners
17. Plankton Paranoia
16. Bubbletown
15. Larry the Floor Manager
14. Girls' Night Out
13. Scavenger Pants
12. Shopping List
11. Goons on the Moon

10. Krabby Patty Creature Feature
9. The Night Patty
8. Appointment TV
7. Spot Returns
6. Pattnocchio
5. Squid Noir
4. My Leg!
3. Chef Bob
2. The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom
1. Karen's Virus


This season is pretty good. I think the new style the show has works for a lot of episodes, but sometimes you get an episode that's just really forgettable or just downright bad, which is basically the bottom 35 in a nutshell. This season almost has the same rating as season 4 but I can't really compare the two just because they're so different.


Moby Dollar
Nov 2, 2020
Cave Dwelling Sponge -3/10
The Clam Whisperer - 2/10
Spot Returns - 4/10
The Check-Up - 6/10
Spin the Bottle - 4/10
There's a Sponge in My Soup - 0/10. Very boring for me.
Man Ray Returns - 5/10
Larry the Floor Manager - 5/10
The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom - 3/10. I did not finish the episode lmao
No Pictures Please - 4/10
Stuck on the Roof - 2/10
Krabby Patty Creature Feature - 3/10
Teacher's Pests - The best episode it this season. 7/10
Sanitation Insanity - 3/10
Bunny Hunt - 1/10
Squid Noir - 2/10
Scavenger Pants - 6/10
Cuddle E. Hugs - 0/10
Pat the Horse - 2/10
Chatterbox Gary - 2/10
Don't Feed the Clowns - 0/10
Drive Happy - 0/10
Old Man Patrick - 3/10
Fun-Sized Friends - 2/10
Grandmum's the Word - 3/10
Doodle Dimension - 6/10
Moving Bubble Bass - 2/10
High Sea Diving - 1/10
Bottle Burgers - 3/10
My Leg! - 6/10
Ink Lemonade - 0/10(even -1/10). The worst episode ever.
Mustard O' Mine - 5/10
Shopping List - 1/10
Whale Watching - 2/10
Krusty Kleaners - The best after Teacher's Pests. 7/10
Patnocchio - 3/10
ChefBob - 6/10
Plankton Paranoia - 0/10
Library Cards - 0/10
Call the Cops - 3/10
Surf N' Turf - 2/10
Goons on the Moon - 6/10
Appointment TV - 1/10
Karen's Virus - 1/10
The Grill is Gone - 1/10
The Night Patty -6/10
Bubbletown - 5/10
Girls' Night Out - 2/10
Squirrel Jelly - 0/10
The String - 0/10

Best episodes: Teacher's Pests and Krusty Klaeners.
Worst episodes: Ink Lemonade, Don't Feed the Clown, There is a Sponge in my Soup.