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Feb 16, 2015
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EmployeeAMillion said:
Compared to Season 9a, which I’m watching at the moment, this season feels like a godsend. I challenge you to compare your favourite Season 9a episodes to your least favourite from Season 10/11.
I assume this excludes Ink Lemonade.


Apr 21, 2018
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RomNick said:
Plus, the people who worship 9b tend to forget that the season's late episodes were also amped up with wacky gags and expressions which they hate in season 10: "Lame and Fortune", "Food Con Castaways", "Pineapple Invasion" and "Mutiny on the Krusty".
I never realized how true this statement is until recently. (p.s you forgot Salsa Imbecilicus and Tutor Sauce is primarily wacky visual humor, something people complain 10-11 for)


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Nov 20, 2017
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Whale Watching 9.8/10
Krusty Kleaners 9.3/10
Patnocchio 9.9/10
ChefBob 9.3/10
Plankton Paranoia 9.6/10
Library Cards 9.5/10
Call the Cops 9.8/10
Surf n' Turf 9.5/10
Goons on the Moon TBA
Appointment TV 10/10
Karen's Virus TBA
The Grill is Gone 9.5/10
The Night Patty 9.9/10
Bubbletown 9.9/10
Girl's Night Out TBA
Squirrel Jelly TBA
The String TBA

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Jun 20, 2018
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i like unstructured plots. wasn't crazy about the episode myself as a whole (not that it matters at all), but "so stupid..." "so, stupid" made me audibly go "HAAA" from sheer surprise and i loved the fake indigestion product commercial, weird as hell.


May 12, 2018
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poowoo hiswoman said:
i like unstructured plots. wasn't crazy about the episode myself as a whole (not that it matters at all), but "so stupid..." "so, stupid" made me audibly go "HAAA" from sheer surprise and i loved the fake indigestion product commercial, weird as hell.
Did you like SpongeHenge? That episode went all stupid on everything. Yeah I like my sheer of randomness (I like the Radical commercial) but not when it hinders a story.
Dec 20, 2017
While I agree with you, 9a is kinda bad, but Plankton's Pet is genuinely good episode... And only good episode in 9a.
Bleh, most of that season was just more of season 8 blandness with HD animation.
What about Extreme Spots, Squirrel Record, Patrick-Man!, License to Milkshake, Eek, an Urchin!, Jailbreak!, Evil Spatula, It Came from Goo Lagoon, Safe Deposit Krabs, and Séance Shméance. While I do agree that Plankton's Pet is the best of 9A, I still genuinely enjoyed these episodes as well.
Because it’s a pretty destructive episode with annoying Patrick and unstructured plot
I feel Patnocchio handled the animation very well. Also the Pinocchio references were great, and I enjoyed Patrick and Plankton’s bond here.
Dec 20, 2017
Rewatched Clam Whisperer again and you guys were right. The episode is very boring and mostly consists of screaming and annoying clams. Plus the ending made no sense. I also find its sister to be poor.


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Oct 8, 2018
Cave Dwelling Sponge - Great!
The Clam Whisperer - Awful
Spot Returns - Ok
The Check-Up - Ok
Spin The Bottle - Ok
There's A Sponge In My Soup - Meh
Man Ray Returns - Great!
Larry The Floor Manager - Ok
The Legend Of Boo-Kini Bottom - Good
No Pictures Please - Ok
Stuck On The Roof - Meh
Krabby Patty Creature Feature - Awful
Teacher's Pests - Ok.
Sanitation Insanity - Ok
Bunny Hunt - Meh
Squid Noir - Ok
Scavenger Pants - Good
Cuddle E. Hugs - Pretty OK
Pat The Horse - Meh
Chatterbox Gary - Good
Don't Feed The Clowns - Bad
Drive Happy - Ok
Old Man Patrick - Ok
Fun-Sized Friends - Ok
Grandmum's The Word - Below Average
Doodle Dimension - Pretty Good!
Moving Bubble Bass - Meh
High Sea Diving - Ok
Bottle Burglars - Good
My Leg! - Great!
Ink Lemonade - Horrendous
Mustard O' Mine - Good
Shopping List - Ok
Whale Watching - Meh
Krusty Kleaners - Meh
Patnocchio - Ok
ChefBob - Pretty Good!
Plankton Paranoia - Meh
Library Cards - Ok
Call The Cops - Average
Surf N' Turf - Ok (Leaked!)
Appointment TV - Good!
Karen's Virus - Pretty Good!
The Grill Is Gone - Ok
The Night Patty - Meh...
Bubbletown - Ok
Squirrel Jelly - Meh..
The String - Meh..

Overall, this season is doing ok. Hopefully I'll update this soon.

Also, my opinions might change. I need to rewatch this season again!
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Jun 12, 2014
I haven't watched the whole season yet and don't have ratings for every episode, but I'd still like to mention my favorite/least favorite episodes so far.

Before I begin, I just want to say these things:
1. I highly enjoyed the animation/visuals this season! I know some people hate cartoony animation on SpongeBob, but I sure don't!
2. I don't hate Ink Lemonade. I even think it could've been decent. I also like the spooky house scene.

Least favorites (Not hating, just disliking):
2. Fun-Sized Friends
1. Ink Lemonade

Top 10 Best (so far):

10. Shopping List
9. Mustard O'Mine
8. Whale Watching
7. Patnocchio
6. Sanitation Insanity
5. Larry The Floor Manager
4. Squid Noir
3. Bottle Burglars
2. Teacher's Pests
1. Krabby Patty Creature Feature

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Apr 27, 2019
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Here’s mine:

Cave Dwelling Sponge - Meh
The Clam Whisperer - Meh
Spot Returns - Good
The Check-Up - Good
Spin The Bottle - Meh
There’s A Sponge In My Soup - Meh
Man Ray Returns - Good
Larry The Floor Manager - Good
The Legend Of Boo-Kini Bottom - Good
No Pictures, Please - Meh
Stuck On The Roof - Meh
Krabby Patty Creature Feature - Good
Teacher’s Pests - Meh
Sanitation Insanity - Meh
Bunny Hunt - Meh
Squid Noir - Good
Scavenger Pants - Meh
Cuddle E. Hugs - Meh
Pat The Horse - ScumBob
Chatterbox Gary - Meh
Don’t Feed The Clowns - Meh
Drive Happy - Meh
Old Man Patrick - ScumBob
Fun-Sized Friends - Good
Grandmum’s The Word - Good
Doodle Dimension - Meh
Moving Bubble Bass - Meh
High Sea Diving - Meh
Bottle Burglars - Good
My Leg! - Meh
Ink Lemonade - Good
Mustard O’ Mine - Meh
Shopping List - Good
Whale Watching - Good
Krusty Kleaners - Meh
Patnocchio - Meh
ChefBob - Good
Plankton Paranoia - ScumBob
Library Cards - Meh
Call The Cops - Meh
Surf N’ Turf - Good
Goons On The Moon - ScumBob
Appointment TV - Meh
Karen’s Virus - Good
The Grill Is Gone - Good
The Night Patty - Meh
Bubbletown - Good
Girl’s Night Out - Good
Squirrel Jelly - ScumBob
The String - Good


20 Good Episodes
25 Meh Episodes
5 ScumBob Episodes

Final Score: Meh Season