Season 10 releasing on DVD October 15th


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COMING ON 10/15:

* SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 10th Season (Nickelodeon/Paramount)
EXTRAS: Includes BONUS 1-hour special SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout, airing July 2019 on Nickelodeon
-----Order Up! The complete tenth season of SpongeBob SquarePantsis serving up 22 side-splitting stories, fresh off the grill! Check out the grand opening of SpongeBob's Place, say farewell to the Chum Bucket, and grab some free ice cream with Patrick! Then, stick around for more tales of the deep: SpongeBob is allergic to his pineapple home, a strange moon turns everyone in town into wild animals, and Plankton and Karen lose their love connection!

Odd that they’re putting Birthday Blowout on here aswell, but now we’ve got an official way of watching Feral Friends in 480p, and an official colour for Season 10- icy blue/white.


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Color that take up most of the background for season DVDs:
Season 1: Green
Season 2: Orange
Season 3: Grey
Season 4: Red
Season 5: Blue
Season 6: Dark Blue
Season 7: None
Season 8: Light Blue
Season 9: Pink
Season 10: Icy Blue
Yeah, on Amazon right now it's listed for 24.99. I will not be pre-ordering it unless I can get it for 14.99 or less. I am not paying 24.99 for 22 SD episodes. Well 23 if you include BBB, but I already own that in HD on iTunes. Plus, like a year ago I already spent 14.99 on the season in SD on Amazon Video because I was tired of waiting. So yeah...