Project: 2 Squid


Giant Clam
Feb 8, 2021
This project is basically going to be my next shorts I'm going to do but will center around Squidward (hence the thread name)...

Here's the two shorts names that have (possible) finalized names:

Squids Night-Tremor
Squidward DVD


Giant Clam
Feb 8, 2021
1 of 2 shorts of Project: 2 Squid, Squidward DVD

Starring Squidward with SpongeBob and Patrick

Narrator: Ahh a new millennium has just arrived, and Squidward decides to get a DVD set after his VCR broke down.

Squidward: Welp VHS, guess this goodbye

(Squidward throws the VCR to the garbage when it was intercepted by SpongeBob)

Squidward: Spongebob? Why did you caught my VCR, I was throwing in the garbage.

Spongebob: Because Squidward, why would you want to throw away a old beauty like this?

Squidward: It broke down...

Spongebob: Well Squidward I can fix it up, after all this is a 1978 Via Model 1.00.

Squidward: Well go ahead and fix it because I'm getting a replacement.

Spongebob: Ohhhh what is it?

Squidward: It's a DVD Player

(Spongebob's pupils widen)

Spongebob: A DVD!?

(Patrick's rock opens up)

Patrick: A DVD!?!?

Squidward: Yeah a DVD, and Patrick how did you hear me?

(Patrick walks to Squidward)

Patrick: You See Squidward, I got my hearing increased so I can hear up to three houses away!

(Squidward confused replies)

Squidward: So it's Enhanced Sonar Hearing?

Patrick: Pretty much...

Squidward: Well Anyways, I'll be at the Barg N' Mart getting my movies for this-

(Spongebob interrupts Squidward)

Spongebob: When you probably have the same movies on your VHS I have in my hands!

Patrick: I don't know about you Squidward, but that is kind of dumb...

Spongebob: Yeah, Considering that the VHS is still getting movies released on here in 2000

Narrator: 3 minutes later...

Spongebob: You see Squidward? There is plenty of reasons to keep this around-

(Spongebob stops speaking as he realizes Squidward has left)

Spongebob: He left, how did we not notice Patrick?

Spongebob: Patrick?

(Spongebob notices there is a note)

(Spongebob reads: Dear Spongebob, Went with Squidward to Barg N' Mart to get a DVD Player. He was right, VHS is nothing but a waste of tin and garbage and I highly recommend that you should throw out that VHS for a DVD Player. Sincerely, Patrick)

(Spongebob angrily crumples up the note and throws it into the garbage)

Spongebob: Patrick doesn't know any better, I bet it'll take 5 years just to release all of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy...

(Spongebob walks back into his house)

Spongebob: He'll see! Just give it 5 years...

(Spongebob shuts the door to his house)

The End
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