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This show is really, really nostalgic, being pretty much the best thing to happen in my childhood. The most nostalgic episode for me would have to be "graveyard shift", mostly because of the dark and eerie atmosphere. How about you guys?


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The Movie is my go-to pick for general SpongeBob media, but there are certain episodes my childhood wouldn’t have been complete without, notably F.U.N., Arrgh! and Krusty Krab Training Video.

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Almost all of the show is nostalgic to me. My first time watching the show was seeing a bit of Employee of the Month, so that one's definitely nostalgic. Weird episodes that kind of freaked me out like I Was a Teenage Gary and Survival of the Idiots also left an impression on me. There's also the obvious choices of the classics, Band Geeks and Chocolate With Nuts, but those are mainly nostalgic because of me later getting internet and realizing that most people loved them too. Finally, even with a lot of the later episodes not being as good, I do have nostalgic memories of binge-watching marathons of them back in 2006-2009.