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This show is really, really nostalgic, being pretty much the best thing to happen in my childhood. The most nostalgic episode for me would have to be "graveyard shift", mostly because of the dark and eerie atmosphere. How about you guys?

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Almost all of the show is nostalgic to me. My first time watching the show was seeing a bit of Employee of the Month, so that one's definitely nostalgic. Weird episodes that kind of freaked me out like I Was a Teenage Gary and Survival of the Idiots also left an impression on me. There's also the obvious choices of the classics, Band Geeks and Chocolate With Nuts, but those are mainly nostalgic because of me later getting internet and realizing that most people loved them too. Finally, even with a lot of the later episodes not being as good, I do have nostalgic memories of binge-watching marathons of them back in 2006-2009.

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Roller Cowards, BoFS, and any episode I had on DVD (this includes Fungus Among Us)

Suds because I was germaphobic when I was little

Whale of a Birthday

The Chaperone

The Two Faces of Squidward

Squidtastic Voyage

SquidBob TentaclePants

Patrick SmartPants

The Best Day Ever (my mom says I liked the sun and wanted a sun like that; it had to be that special sun with a smile. I didn't even notice it set the room on fire when I was little. Also, a. I'm like that with Cyborg nowadays in the DC fandom, and b. GIIIIIRRRRRL WE GET OOOOONNNN LIKE A HOUSE ON FIIIIIRE)

Earworm (I actually sang the song at school once for a presentation they were doing.)

The Splinter, Giant Squidward, etc. (I watched them on premiere)