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Stay Tooned: SpongeBob, Patrick, and a reluctant Squidward are chosen to create a new animated series for the Krusty Krab! However, people stop coming in to the Krusty Krab and eat their meals at home to watch the show, which quickly becomes a hit. Due to this, and overwhelming demand of episodes, the show becomes too expensive to produce, and Mr. Krabs has a choice- either sell the Krusty Kompany or go bankrupt!

Community College Comedians

Patrick and Squidward have their community college reunions on the same night at the same place.

Patrick: Wumbology Expert

Sandy finds out that Patrick studied Wumbology in community college and is now the world's leading expert on Wumbology and Sandy wants to learn it.
4/10, 6/10

RoBob: SpongeBob's brain flies into a robot SpongeBob replica built by Sandy, and has to continue with his daily life pretending to be normal. But with his brainless original body roaming around, that's going to be hard!

PatRock!: A mockumentary about the rise and fall of a rock band with Patrick as the lead singer.
Both of those sound great! 8/10 & 10/10

Barbeque Buffoons

Sandy missed her family's Fourth of July barbeque, so SpongeBob, Patrick, and Larry throw her a huge party.

I Married a Sea Bear

Patrick wakes up after a partying all night with no memory because he ate too much ice cream and realizes he married a sea bear.
6/10 and 7/10

Block Party: SpongeBob decides to program a Saturday morning cartoon block for his local TV station! However, the evil Lotten corporation will stop at nothing to maintain their teen-oriented, boring, supposedly-educational-but-not-really monopoly and bore the populous to sleep, so their CEO- Plankton- can hypnotize them into becoming an army to steal the Krabby Patty formula!

Bitter? No, I'm not bitter about the loss of Saturday mornings to Litton.

What a Sponge!: Spongebob feels like he's not needed in Bikini Bottom anymore, so he leaves the town for good. Everyone (even Squidward and Plankton) starts to miss Spongebob and all the things he did to help them. They go on a hunt for Spongebob, led by Patrick, and finally track him down in New Kelp City, the city where he lost his memory and gave the freedom of blowing bubbles to the town. When asked why he moved here, he said everyone loves him here, because he's a hero, and back in Bikini Bottom, he's a loser. Patrick and the rest of the gang then say that Spongebob is the best person to ever live in Bikini Bottom, and give a rousing speech to persuade him to come back. Spongebob realizes that everyones does care for him, and decides to come back. Back in Bikini Bottom, Mr. Krabs holds a "We Love Spongebob" party at the Krusty Krab, that EVERYONE that appeared in the series attended. The episode ends with Spongebob sending out a message that everyone here are the best friends a sponge can have.

In Memory of Stephen Hillenburg

This episode is one-hour long and includes Patchy segments.

Patchy Story: Patchy celebrates Spongebob's 20th anniversary by throwing a huge party at his house. The only problem is, nobody showed up. Not even Spongebob, whom Patchy invited. Patchy thinks the invitations got lost in the mail, but Potty says that nobody even bothered to come because they didn't want to. Sad, Patchy decides to make his own party guests (a la Pinkie Pie in "Party of One"), and watch the special with them. At the end of the special, a bunch of people came to his party at the last minute, only for Patchy to say the special's over. One of the guests happens to be singer Anne-Marie, who sings an original song about everybody's favorite sea sponge. The special ends here.

Dead Mr. Krabs: Mr. Krabs dies.

Eat Squidward: A customer eats Squidward.
SpongeChange: SpongeBob changes his name to Spongebob.
SpongeChange: SpongeBob changes his name to Spongebob.


10/6 In This Style - Larry gets a job as a hat-maker, and ends up using mercury in his hats. But he has to go to the planet Mercury to get it.

Crisis of the Creepers - The Hash-Slinging Slasher teams up with the Flying Dutchman
Both 9/10

Dead Flats - Flats dies.

Insert Sandy Spin Off Pilot Here: A Sandy episode featuring Sandy on an adventure doing what she does best- inventing, cowgirlling, extreme sportsing, bodybuilding- did I say that last one out loud? :P Slightly tounge in cheek about the fact that it’s a pilot for a Sandy spin off.

Flat Rate: SpongeBob discovers that Flats is running a shopping website

The Darkest Secret of the Chum Bucket: SpongeBob learns that the Chum Bucket is built on cursed land.
6/10, 8/10

Taco Time: it’s half goodbye crabby patty half pizza delivery... but with tacos

The Karate Krab: After Plankton mind controls Spongebob, Krabs must learn Karate to take his restaurant back.
First part: Plankton hatching a plan at the Chum Bucket, by sneaking into the Krusty Krab with a mind control hard drive, and controlling spongebob’s brain to fight Krabs in a Karate battle (which Plankton wins) and controlling the restaurant.
Second Part: Squidward and Sandy teaching Krabs how Karate works (hi jinx ensue), and Krabs mastering it by the end.
Climax: A Karate rematch against Krabs and Plankton, with the help of Squidward and Sandy.
Ending: The Krusty Krab being run by Krabs again, Spongebob taking the day off and Sandy doing his job for the day.

The Chum Oatmeal: Plankton desides to make something new for his restaurant, so he created the chum oatmeal, with his own ingredients, but the chum Outmeal has a dark secret, it was made by seeweed, from the swap which is full of garbage, clams that has been stemed, chopped snakes, and water from a swamp!

Flipple Cavern: SpongeBob finds an absurdly large mouse hole(actually, Gary points it out to him). He and Patrick fall down it and discover the Flipples, furry little creatures that love to sing and dance. But soon they learn that you should NEVER interrupt one of their songs... or else. Parody of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock.

Not a Pickle: A backstory for Kevin the Sea Cucumber. A running gag(that I took from VeggieTales) is young Kevin getting confused for a giant living pickle.
7 and 8/10

Sandy DumbPants: Sandy gets tired of being smart, so she takes dumb pills to become dumb.

SpongeBob Fights the Evil Giant Living Banana: Half Hour special in which SpongeBob... well, you know. Subplots include one where Patrick fights what he thinks are the EGLB’s minions- normal bananas. He loses.

Karen's Father: Karen's Supercomputer Dad named KAL come to visit Bikini Bottom to see his daughter but he hates Plankton for being a wrong and mean husband so KAL kicked him out of their house that cause Plankton to stay at.. Mr. Krabs' House for a while until KAL leave the town

note: KAL is parody of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey