Good, Meh, or ScumBob(Fan Episode Edition)


Four, count em, FOUR episodes inspired by the Legends of Bikini Bottom online game (from stories not in the episodes or any other actual episodes):
  • Voodoo You Do (inspired by Voodoo Undo) - When Patrick tries on a mysterious voodoo mask, it gets stuck and possesses him! With Mask-rick running amok in town, it’s up to SpongeBob to remove the mask and free his friend!
  • Night of the Were-Squirrel (inspired by Were Squirrel) - When Sandy goes overboard on her workout, the mysterious full moon turns her into a huge beast! Can Sandy find a way to reverse her transformation before she gets stuck like this forever?
  • Cinco de Mayhem (inspired by Piñata Pendelum and Piñatas Locas) - Everyone in Bikini Bottom is ready for the big Cinco de Mayo celebration, when suddenly the piñatas come to life! Feeling sorry for the creatures, SpongeBob works to set them free and save them from the ravenous partygoers!
  • Creature from the Goo Lagoon (inspired by Goo Tsunami and Larry’s Beach Blast) - When toxic waste is spilled into Goo Lagoon, it creates a giant monster tube worm- and a massive tidal wave that threatens to flood Bikini Bottom! Now, Larry has to fight off the worm and its offspring and take back the beach, while SpongeBob has to save the town from the incoming goo-nami!
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SpongeBob and Patrick: Across the 2nd Dimension

SpongeBob and his friends go into a portal to the 2nd Dimension to meet their doppelgängers as they join forces to destroy 2nd Dimension Plankton’s evil robots.

based off Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension