Favorite main meal?

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No, snacks or crossover meals don't count.

I prefer breakfast because there's so many delicious foods it has to offer, and it's at the start of the day (mainly aiming for weekends). Even at the start of a school day, it's pretty relaxing, and that's saying LOTS.

You guys?


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To me, dinner is and always will be my favorite main meal. It's like the grand finale.


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breakfast coz u got eggs n bacon n potatoes n cereal n sausage n pancakes n waffles n french toast n orange juice n milk n granola bars n poptarts n apples n bananas n muffins n yogurt

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Dinner. My breakfasts tend not to vary much, and I go lunchless on many days because I'm a late-niter. Often I'll have a small third meal around eleven or midnight, but it's always smaller than the seven o'clock meal that I call dinner.


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Breakfast because I love all types of breakfast foods, and besides, it is the most important meal of the day.



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I feel like I"m going to answer this differently in 5 years, but right now it's breakfast. I love waking up to a fun sunrise and eating my PB and J and crap while watching youtube or something with no one else awake, I think it's my favorite part of the day honestly.

I used to HATE breakfast, ironically enough. Dinner used to be my favorite but I'm starting to dislike dinner a little more because I'm not a fan of eating really heavy meals at night yet that's when I normally eat my heavy meals. >.<