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68a. Patrick Smartpants


random gal
Jul 9, 2014
Such an emotional episode...one of the better ones from this season! I cried when SpongeBob was looking at his album...The ending was great and cute as well, there were some good and funny quotes and moments as well in there like Patrick underestimating Squidward's clarinet-talent and Sandy's experiments and personality...9.5/10 because the beggining is kind of slow


Dead Inspector
Nov 2, 2013
This episode was decent, but some parts were boring. However, it is watchable though. 7.5/10.
I just remembered this review. What a mess.

It's a very original episode to me and I actually enjoyed it. It's barely discussed and I don't get why this happens. I feel like it needs some appreciation. It was great to see Patrick with a different type of personality and higher intelligence. It was sorta sad, but it actually worked here. As you can see, they deeply cared a lot about each other in this episode, unlike in Yours, Mine and Mine or some other episode involving them fighting. The beginning was a little slow-paced, but it got really interesting afterwards. It was very well-written and executed. Although, I haven't watched this episode for a while, I wish I could this once again. The ending was a little predictable, but the predictability was very understandable and it actually still makes the episode great. It's a gem of Season 4 and I would love to see it again. I like the jumping off the cliff part, when Patrick went to Squidward's house and when he was looking the cells with the microscope. A great episode overall.


May 12, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
Just recently watched it, and yeah I like this one a lot. Patrick being overly smart makes him a jerk in a pretty clever way. Yes he's kind of mean towards SpongeBob, but it's not just him, it's everyone else. The writers know he's supposed to be a jerk so they play on it very well. I absolutely love LOVE it when he's making Squidward and Sandy mad, it is hilarious.

Also why no Sleepy Time reference? He could have said at least hinted Gary was smart, but ether way this episode is pretty underrated. Not going to give a rating just because I only saw it once while I was tired, so the opinion doesn't 100% stand.
Aug 2, 2018
I didn't like this episode, I prefer Patrick when it's dumb because it makes me laugh but when it's smart it's boring

Nov 10, 2017
United States
It's an interesting plot for an episode. It's pretty funny and this episode does a good job at teaching us that friendship comes first. And that ending just warms my heart. It has to be one of the greatest endings to an episode ever.

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