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66. Dunces and Dragons

Jun 26, 2018
Alex Squarepants said:
Ok, im going to make a whole lot of you very, VERY mad , but i dont like this episode. I dont think its bad, but at the same time, its not very fun to watch either. I really wanted to like this but I am just not in to this episode like all the rest of you. Why dont I love this episode like everyone else? Well, I didnt find a whole lot of jokes very funny. I'll admit I did get a couple laughs out of me, but thats it, only a couple, but the rest of the jokes aren't funny. I come to watch spongebob for the humor, but I didn't really laugh a lot in this episode. Also, the characters are bland too. Overall this episode is just a big mess. I am very sorry to say this but this gets a...


Now if you excuse me, I'm going to hide in the corner while the rest of you bash on me.
Yeah, I have the same opinion as you, it's not a very funny episode to me, actually I laughed more in the first half of Have you seen this snail?
Jun 25, 2018
I really liked Dunces and Dragons but i still don’t get it why and how Spongebob and Patrick go back in time and suddenly land on a mediaval Bikini Bottom without any explaination ? And mostly, what happens to Squidly after he’s accidentally went on the present Bikini Bottom at the end of the episode ?
Nov 10, 2017
United States
I love this episode to pieces. As a fan of medieval stuff (I play Gardens of Time a lot) I can really appreciate this episode. Not only was this episode really funny, it also told an amazing story and Squidly's songs are great. This episode is fantastic, and it can definitely compete with the first 3 seasons.

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