48b. Squilliam Returns


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Hommina, hommina, hommina, hommina...
SpongeBob: Table for Hommina?

SpongeBob: My name?
Squilliam: Yes, your name, son.
SpongeBob: Uhh, Beef Wellington?
Squilliam: (chuckles) No, your name.
SpongeBob: Uhh...err...the fork on the left?
Squidward: Stop joking. Tell him your name.
SpongeBob: My name? (zoom inside of Spongebob's brain again where all the Spongebob's are searching for a name)
SpongeBob #3: What's his name? What's his name? I've got nothing on a name.
SpongeBob #4: (searching on the computer) C'mon, baby, what's the name? (panicked shouting is heard as all the Spongebob's are running around and paper is flying)
SpongeBob #2: We threw out his name!



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This episode is awesome. A great plot, with funny jokes and homona.

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Another amazing and very funny season 3 episode. Although I kinda felt bad for Squidward at the end but I'm not gonna lower my score because of that. Many parts in this episode made me laugh and all characters in this episode, except Squilliam was very funny. Mr. Krabs plainy world's smallest violin was very funny. Patrick's "You mean like a weenie? OK! May I take your hat, sir? May I take your hat, sir? May I..." line was very funny. The parts when SpongeBob became crazy cracked me up. "HOMMANA" parts were also funny. Squidward saying "Don't be intimidated, Squidward. Try to imagine him in his underwear.", then he imagining him in his underwear and then saying "Oh, no, he's hot" was very funny and then the Squidiam ship was born!!! Perfect episode but It's still not awesome as Band Geeks. 10/10