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44b. Idiot Box


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Another great season 3 episode :D Really awesome Squidward episode.. glad he sort of gets it at the end... sort of lol
I like SpongeBob and Patrick's little dance at the beginning haha


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Haha yeah they pay all that money for the TV just for the box lol

Especially love when Squidward is changing the channels and everything on TV is something to do with a box :p Hahaha box boxing :xP:


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Classic episode. "IMAGINATION!" When Squidward turns on the TV and all the shows are box-themed. When Spongebob and Patrick are fighting Robot Pirates. When Squidward pretends to be driving. Funny. I wish they would have revealed how on earth they were able to make those sound effects, but I suppose that was the charm of the episode.

9.5|10 Overall


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This episode is overrated, but there's a reason: it's basically one of the best episodes everrrrrr. This episode has the ingredients to the perfect SpongeBob episode ever. Recipe: great plot, great humor, no boring parts, and has Patrick, SpongeBob, and Squidward. That's a good episode! 10/10


This was my favorite episode for a while before I started loving The Algae's Always Greener. This was a perfect episode. I really liked the plot, the humor, and Squidward.
Final Score: 17/10


This was a hilarious episode. There was a great but simple plot, and there was many hilarious jokes.


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I used to not understand the hype for this episode, but it's grown on me. I probably wouldn't consider it one of my favorites, but it's pretty funny.
Another amazing season 3 episode, although I prefer Nasty Patty over this episode. Many parts in this episode was very funny. Patrick imagining himself as a starfish, then Squiward saying "Patrick, you're already a starfish." and then Patrick saying " See, Squidward? It works! You try!" was very funny. All of sound effects in this episode really cracked me up. Squidward watching Championship Boxing cracked me up and that was the best part of this episode. Squidward imagining himself racing was also funny. The ending of this episode was also funny. 10/10


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A very funny and interesting episode. I liked how SpongeBob and Patrick made those sounds in the box."Imagination" considers to be one of the best parts in this episode IMO. Squidward also had a good character in this episode.

Rating: 10/10


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Top 20 worthy. Has always been one of my favorites, but I think Just One Bite, Graveyard shift, The Paper, Opposite Day, and SB-129 are all a tiny bit better, but this one matches up with them perfectly.


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One of my favorite episodes, it's hilarious and really showcases Sponge and Pats childlike imagination here. And Squidward trying to figure all this stuff out is great. I think the funniest part is Spongebob and Patrick mountain climbing in the box, in fact I sat it might be one of the funniest moments in the show period. Also love Patricks "glasses".