32b. The Smoking Peanut


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Heh, I couldn't help laughing. A very good episode. Tom Kenny tries to engage, the viewer to think it's funny. Well, he sure engaged me.
I have watched this episode severely times in one day, due to the fact that I have it on my computer. :)


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Haha, some great bits from this episode:

SpongeBob: This is getting a little out of hand. All I did was throw a peanut. I didn’t mean to make the oyster cry. I just wanted to see it perform spectacular stunts! Aw, everyone’s going to hate me! I, I need some advice! Now let’s see now, who could never hate me no matter what I do?
(Cut to SpongeBob knocking on Squidward's door.)
SpongeBob: Squidward? Squidward! Oh, Squidward!

SpongeBob: Twitchy? Twitchy? Who’s twitchy? I'm not twitchy! Sorry Sandy, I have to, um… um… go get my hair cut!
(He runs home.)
Sandy: Spongebob doesn’t have hair… or... DOES HE?

Patrick: This is it! All the clues are coming together. I followed these footprints right to this exact spot and then, right where you’re standing, I found this bag of peanuts! Ha! Oh, I’m so close to solving this crime, I can almost taste it. (Zoom in on Patrick’s mouth next to SpongeBob’s head, which he licks. Well, he’s actually licking a yellow ice cream pop that has ridges and green spots.)



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Patrick is so original in this episode. I give it 8.1 out of 10. Good, but bad replay value.


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All of Patrick's lines here were very funny. Another funny line was "SpongeBob don't have hair, or does he?" Mr. Krabs here was funny as well. 10/10
I feel like this episode was well-done. Better than its partner, "Pressure", IMO. Everybody was acting so angry, and poor SpongeBob had to lie about his haircut. :naughty: Not only did it put us in suspense, but before it did, we got some great lines like, "Everyone scream and run around in circles!" I do like this one, but like cwn said, it had a slim replay value.

7.9/10 :)


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This was a pretty good episode but it made no sense at the end Nr. Krabs randomly is there but it's pretty humorous!


This episode is decent. It has a decent plot with decent humor. Calling this episode forgettable isn't really an understatement, but it's as plain meh as Bossy Boots and Neptune's Spatula.


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This is a good episode, but it has poor replay value because the jokes and plot rely too much on taking you by surprise, so it's not as fun to rewatch it.


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Not my favorite episode, or not the best episode but one of the funniest episodes! I ALWAYS laugh at the jokes! I love the part when they are throwing peanuts at Pat and he is eating them! Also, the Popsicle scene were it looks like Pat is licking SB! Good episode...I can almost taste it!


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I uh...I really don't like this episode that much. It never appealed to me. I'm going to go over the cons here:

-Spongebob was being a complete jerk
-The Bikini Bottomites were jerks
-All of the fuss turns out to be for nothing because Mr. Krabs caused the oyster pain

Also, I HATE the scene where SpongeBob admits the truth and says that Patrick didn't do it, then they throw the peanuts at BOTH of them! Come on, Patrick was only trying to help solve the mystery (even though it was for literally nothing)

Final Score: 5.5/10 There were some funny moments but not many.
It was kinda weak to have Mr. Krabs to be the culprit honestly. 9.5/10
One thing I don't understand is the title, is it supposed to be something like some weird gun reference or something else that I have no clue about? O.o


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While it's not very memorable I still find the episode to be solid enough with a couple of gags here and there. Mr. Krabs as the culprit makes sense because we see him in the beginning going to a gift shop so it seemed kind of suspicious in a way. 7.5/10


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Season: 2

Episode: The Smoking Peanut

This episode was good. The plot was decent. The ending was sweet. There were some funny jokes. 8/10


I feel like my opinion is pretty similar to most others. It's not one of the best episodes of the season, but it's still pretty enjoyable.