257b. Breakin'


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I like this short. I chuckled when Mr. Krabs says, I need to give you a break every 20 years, referencing how long this show is airing. 9.5/10


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In the next 20 years when SpongeBob takes his next break we probably won't get to see it because there's a good chance the show will end by that point
Pretty boring, and it's one of the few bad shorts IMO. It just wasn't very funny and this concept was done a lot better in Bummer Vacation.

Bad Episode (4/10)
Glad I found the season 12 sub forum menu, because I just always waited for new episode discussions to come as notifications and I couldn’t find these 2 most recent ones :), but you may see I posted my review for them if you want to look

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I actually enjoyed this short quite a bit. Spongebob seemed more innocent and nice in this episode and less hyper and loud like he's been in other recent episodes.