223b. Bunny Hunt

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"A sea bunny ravages Squidward's garden, but SpongeBob thinks it's cute."

Yeah, I'm not interested in this. It screams too much SpongeBob being oblivious to everything and Squidward getting undeserved pain but we'll see how it goes. Please don't be like season 6.

Discuss when it's aired (my prediction is that this and its sister episode will be aired during Easter or I could be very wrong)



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I really liked this episode. 9.5/10
I really liked this episode. 9.5/10
I really liked this episode. 9.5/10
I really liked this episode. 9.5/10


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I found this a good but not great episode, Squidward gets a lot of bad treatment again. But unlike Fun-Sized Friends, There is a lot i like here.



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This episode reminds me a lot of Bugs Bunny cartoons,also its so far the most cartoony episode of the season

However,Bunny Hunt divide on 2 stories:Squidward and his garden trouble and Spongebob with bunny.First one is unpleasant Squidward torture what doesn’t won’t to stop in meantime,if episodes like The Fish Bowl,Lost and Found or Stuck on the Roof have Squidward abuse in small doses,Bunny Hunt get too far with that.Also most of Squidward part is filler,because his could ever in the beginning calling the Pet Control,but no,let’s put extra 2 minutes of Squid Abuse for no good reason,cuz why not?What about second story?Kinda meh,better than Squidward story,but far to be good,because how dull it is.

Even with fact that the plot and pathing are pretty awful and uninteresting,comedy are actually pretty good,like average season 11 comedy.Squidward with French accent,Squidward’s house coughed,Squidward in Viking costume,Patrick in Pet Jail,Spongebob-Volcano or Patrick get lost in Spongebob’s house wall,and more.All of them make me at least smile or even a bit laugh

This episode a mix of bad Squidward torture from season 7 or 8,boring Spongebob scenes with no idea what he want to do,and bag of solid visual humor.Thanks for the humor,I don’t hate this episode,but don’t love either.It’s truly middle-of-the-road episode and one of 4-5 episode’s from season 11 that I don’t like


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Yeahhhhhh I didn't like this one very much. Though there were a few visual gags I liked, such as Spongebob walking across that map.

Edit: Outdated Opinion

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This episode did not work for me at all. The premise was alright enough and I gotta admit the sea bunnies were cute but same as some of other mediocre SpongeBob episodes in recent seasons, I wish they could have toned down the wackiness. Some of gags were okay but I didn't laugh at much when I watched this episode. Some of Squidward getting hurt by bunnies was so unnecessary and that ending left a bad taste in my mouth. Otherwise, I don't really have a strong opinion on this. It was just a mediocre wacky episode overall.

Grade: C


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Pure Looney Tunes wannabe trash!

"Don't go trying to be someone you're not"-Sandy in the episode "Mimic Madness"

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After seeing this episode yesterday, it honestly felt pretty boring plus the Squidward torture moments was unnecessary to watch but there were a few funny gags but overall it's a 5/10 for now though I'll probably give this a re-watch