211b. Trident Trouble

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Is this going to be the last new episode for the Saturday at 10:00am schedule for a while? I've noticed that there aren't any more confirmed airdates until May 20th. I could definitely use a break from reviewing.


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Is this going to be the last new episode for the Saturday at 10:00am schedule for a while? I've noticed that there aren't any more confirmed airdates until May 20th. I could definitely use a break from reviewing.
I mentioned this in the shoutbox but nobody answered it.

Anyway, I didn't really like this episode too much. I kinda wish that Squidward had gotten the trident instead of SpongeBob. What I did like was them keeping the Roman style for Neptune instead of that ugly Neptune from the first movie. I'm getting tired of the bottommites turning into hungry savages when they get their KrabbyPatties fast enough.

Also, I wanted to note that the fish tending to his grass sounded like Squilliam with a lower pitch to his voice.

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This felt like Krusty Katering done right. The whole thing was fast-paced but unlike the former episode it keeps its focus on the problem at hand, creating fun situations and comedy. It isn't brilliant but it's an enjoyable time seeing the chaos that unfolds with the trident's abilities.


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I'll need to give the episode a rewatch, I was a little unfocused the first time I saw it, but it seemed pretty funny. I especially loved the Greek Chorus. Is it just me, or has the narration in Season 10 been really sarcastic? Between this, "Mermaid Pants," and a couple of the time cards, it see,s like a pretty frequent trend in this season, and I'm personally fine with it.

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I was debated on this one. I actually watched it twice to help review. But I really enjoyed it the second time. The greek chorus was absolutely hilarious though. 9.2/10 (wasn't the best).

Also, Vincent, if you are reading this, do you know if the Greek Chorus was in the storyboard? (I mean in the title card)

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cannibalism at the begining, just saying :rofl:

I really have to say I was pretty disappointed by this and this stinks because this episode felt fun sometimes but other times, it felt pretty annoying and too fast. Pacing felt so odd here. The begining was really fast paced and it really got on my nerves. There were amusing moments like an old fish eating Squidward's hand and "CUT ME UP GOOD GIRLFRIEND" but I was so tired of this episode already. I was finally glad they toned down the fast pace and it had a good part with alive grass but once it got to Patrick, it felt more crazy again and it was annoying. The narrator fishes got on my nerves quickly. I get they have to point out the obvious but their apperance just felt forced. SpongeBob not recognizing them until the end felt so weird but I admit SpongeBob telling them they are not helping was funny, especially considering the fact this is SpongeBob showing his bitterness for the first time in a long time. I enjoyed King Neptune and SpongeBob teaming up at the end too but it felt weird to me that King Neptune wasn't that angry to SpongeBob. I wasn't fan of SpongeBob's apperance here, except for the ending. His obliviousness appeared in this episode and it really got tiresome for me. I feel like this episode has same issue with Krusty Katering, which was also written by Ben Gruber. Tons of stuff happening without the audience's able to breathe for a second and not enough good story development. I'll say that at least randomess here fits better than Krusty Katering because this episode is about Neptune's trident being so powerful but still this episode could have been calmer. Overall, this episode didn't work for me at all.

Grade: C+


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This episode is ok. It's not great by any means and its certainly lacking in jokes that makes me laugh, but there were a few I like such as the fish eating Squidward's hand and SpongeBob telling the Greek Chorus that they aren't helping, and the initial encounter with Neptune and SpongeBob just bumping into each other without noticing. One thing I really enjoyed in this episode though was SpongeBob showing a bit of an irritated/assertive side when he gets fed up with the spatula and the Greek Chorus, which is something that hardly happens anymore. I also enjoyed that they used Hawaiian Flower again, but besides those things, the rest of the episode is kind of... boring. It was close to being good but this episode just didn't do it for me.

6/10 Meh...



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My god why do we have people complaining about this episode already? Well here we go again with the drama guys -_-
Anyways I found this episode pretty good from what I've seen, some good jokes to tell also it's great seeing King Neptune again since The Clash of Triton with the same voice actor (thank god) also noticed he's using a modern technology smartphone like what you seen nowadays in cartoons, movies, & in real life, also everything else in this episode is pretty well good so overall i'm giving a 8/10! :sbdance:

Also great job Ben Gruber for writing this episode, don't let those haters get to you for criticizing your work on this episode since it's well played, I'm looking forward to seeing your future episodes :sbthumbs:

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the smartphone joke at the start killed it instantly for me
And even then the rest of the episode felt like it was pandering to the lowest common denominator; imo it was basically like a Fairly OddParents episode
The chorus was a neat idea but it got old quick
Really disappointing

Though I do like how they remembered that Queen Amphitrite exists