19a. Fools in April

I'm not too fond of this episode. Squidward's actions towards SpongeBob felt too unjustified and most of the time Squidward spent trying to apologize felt like filler. SpongeBob himself was also pretty annoying.

Ranking so far:
1. Employee of the Month (A+)
2. SB-129 (A+)
3. Sleepy Time (A+)
4. Pickles (A+)
5. Pizza Delivery (A+)
6. F.U.N. (A)
7. Plankton! (A)
8. Arrgh! (A)
9. Naughty Nautical Neighbors (A)
10. Sandy's Rocket (A)
11. Karate Choppers (A)
12. Walking Small (A)
13. Help Wanted (A)
14. Rock Bottom (A)
15. Culture Shock (B)
16. Boating School (B)
17. Bubblestand (B)
18. Suds (B)
19. Scaredy Pants (B)
20. Home Sweet Pineapple (B)
21. Hall Monitor (B)
22. Jellyfishing (B)
23. Texas (B)
24. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost (C)
25. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (C)
26. Jellyfish Jam (C)
27. Tea at the Treedome (C)
28. Opposite Day (C)
29. Ripped Pants (C)
30. Valentine's Day (C)
31. Reef Blower (C)
32. The Chaperone (C)
33. Nature Pants (C)
34. MuscleBob BuffPants (D)
35. The Paper (D)
36. Fools in April (D)
37. Squeaky Boots (D)
38. I Was a Teenage Gary (E)
This episode doesn't have much to it, which would be fine if it was funny, but it really isn't due to the mood. I don't really care who's right or wrong, but it's way too drawn out for me. I just call it mediocre.
This is my favorite season 1 episode.

APRIL FOOLS, this is actually my least favorite and no I'm not joking.. This is without a doubt the most annoying Spongebob season 1 episode. The laughing is so obnoxious, it's weird. I adore Squeaky Boots and I just find Slide Whistle Stooges mediocre both very noisy episodes, but this episode and Funny Pants. Oh man I hate the noise in this episode, Spongebob's laugh goes right through my ears and I just cannot stand it, the middle of the episode where the montage begins boy oh boy I hate that part, I also really hate how mean spirited this episode is, Squidward laughing was really funny I won't lie but him apologizing is o unfunny, the visual gags are so distracting and just really unfunny. The ending joke also really rubs me the wrong way, I really don't like it because its so predictable, of course when an April Fools episode ends it has to be have a stupid April Fools joke as an ending. To be fair this episode has some minor funny moments like "This is an extreme thirst" The Ice scene and Squidward laughing which is so over exaggerated it cracks me up, also it doesn't rot the ears of me. Overall I apologize for getting very negative but I really hate this one, Although Its not my least favorite Pre Movie episode that honor goes to Krabby Land its a very worthy runner up and one that was very close to an Abysmal (2/10) but those few funny jokes saved it from being that bad.

Awful 3/10
This is one of the most mediocre Spongebob episodes I've ever seen. The episode is relatively humorless, aside from 2 or 3 little jokes that made me chuckle. Story is... mediocre. The first half of the episode pretty much consists of Spongebob pulling all these pranks and it all manages to be just decent. Then Squidward pranks Spongebob in a pretty uncomfortable scene, and the rest of the episode is Squidward trying to apologize to Spongebob which feels dragged out for way too long. The ending is really unsatisfying too. Despite all of those bad things about the episode, I can't really call it bad. I dunno, something about it just prevents me from disliking it for some reason. For now I'll give it a 5 but I may change my mind later.

Average episode (5/10)

1. Pizza Delivery (10)
2. Rock Bottom (10)
3. SB-129 (9)
4. Opposite Day (9)
5. Pickles (9)
6. Texas (9)
7. MuscleBob BuffPants (9)
8. Sleepy Time (9)
9. Help Wanted (9)
10. Naughty Nautical Neighbors (8)
11. Plankton! (8)
12. Sandy's Rocket (8)
13. Employee of the Month (8)
14. Arrgh! (8)
15. F.U.N. (8)
16. Hall Monitor (8)
17. Scaredy Pants (8)
18. Ripped Pants (8)
19. Suds (7)
20. Tea at the Treedome (7)
21. Karate Choppers (7)
22. Walking Small (7)
23. Jellyfish Jam (7)
24. Culture Shock (7)
25. Home Sweet Pineapple (7)
26. Boating School (7)
27. Bubblestand (7)
28. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy (7)
29. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost (6)
30. Valentines Day (6)
31. Reef Blower (6)
32. I Was A Teenage Gary (6)
33. Squeaky Boots (6)
34. The Chaperone (5)
35. Nature Pants (5)
36. Jellyfishing (5)
37. Fools in April (5)
38. The Paper (4)

Absolute SpongeBob Torture ::dolphin noise::. Squidward gets annoyed at SpongeBob, but then SpongeBob gets a payback that isn't even warranted. Getting friggin abused just because you annoyed somebody a bit is just absolutely infuriating. The apology would've gave this episode an extra points if it wasn't for the ending. It feels so forced.

Naughty Nautical Neighbors: (10/10)
Ripped Pants: (10/10)
Tea at the Tree-Dome: (10/10)
SB-129 (10/10)
Walking Small: (10/10)
Help Wanted: (9.5/10)
Karate Choppers: (9.5/10)
Sleepy Time: (9/10)
Rock Bottom: (9/10)
Pizza Delivery: (9/10)
Plankton!: (9/10)
F.U.N: (9/10)
Arrgh!: (8.5/10)
Boating School: (8.5/10)
The Paper: (8.5/10)
Bubblestand: (8.5/10)
Culture Shock: (7.5/10)
Reef Blower: (7.5/10)
Pickles: (7/10)
Scardey Pants: (7/10)
The Chaperone: (6.5/10)
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy I: (6.5/10)
Valentines Day: (6.5/10)
I Was A Teenage Gary: (6.5/10)
Home Sweet Pineapple: (6.5/10)
Employee of the Month: (6.5/10)
Texas: (6/10)
Suds: (6/10)
Opposite Day: (6/10)
Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost: (5.5/10)
Nature Pants: (4.5/10)
Sandy's Rocket: (4.5/10)
Hall Monitor: (4/10)
Squeaky Boots: (3.5/10)
MuscleBob BuffPants: (2/10)
Fools in April: (2/10)
Jellyfishing: (1.5/10)
I honestly don't like this one. It's not horrendous, it does have some good moments here and there, but the whole April Fools gimmick just boils down to Spongebob pranking everyone, it feels repetitive. My favorite part of the episode was Squidward's payback on Spongebob. Now if you look at it morally, it is wrong, especially considering Spongebob didn't even have any malign intent with his pranks, but just from a quality standpoint, it was the moment that kept me the most entertained, with its rapid-fire slapstick and decent visual gags. I did not care for Squidward's wacky facial expressions as he keeps mispronouncing "sorry", and I also did not care for the ending.
Now this is a episode that literally made me wanna have the power to jump into my portable dvd player and slap Squidward in the face. This one is just all bad. The only good joke was the "sight of the calendar" joke. The only good qualities were that joke and the fact that Squidward apologized and that scene where he does was kind of funny.

Rating: Bad Episode

(Edit: Forgot the rankings)

SB-129 (Perfect)
Walking Small (Perfect)
Sleepy Time (Amazing!)
F.U.N. (Amazing!)
Pizza Delivery (Amazing!)
Reef Blower (Amazing!)
Rock Bottom (Amazing!)
Opposite Day (Amazing!)
Help Wanted (Amazing!)
Pickles (Amazing!)
Plankton! (Amazing!)
Naughty Nautical Neighbors (Amazing!)
Arrgh! (Great)
STUFG (Great)
Employee of the Month (Great)
Squeaky Boots (Great)
Bubblestand (Great)
Jellyfishing (Great)
Valentine's Day (Great)
MMABB (Great)
Suds (Great)
I Was a Teenage Gary (Great)
Scaredy Pants (Great)
Karate Choppers (Great)
Ripped Pants (Okay)
Boating School (Okay)
Hall Monitor (Okay)
Culture Shock (Okay)
Tea at the Treedome (Meh)
Jellyfish Jam (Meh)
Sandy's Rocket (Meh)
Texas (Bad)
The Chaperone (Bad)
Home Sweet Pineapple (Bad)
MuscleBob BuffPants (Bad)
Fools in April (Bad)
The Paper (Terrible)
Nature Pants (Terrible)
When he says "This is an extreme thirst," he sounds like the Narrator from The Powerpuff Girls.

Also, the part where he cries is cute.
I used to dislike "Fools in April".

It's weird to think back on that, to be honest, because I love it so much now. The main reason I used to dislike this episode is because I felt it was way too mean-spirited. And yeah, Squidward is mean-spirited here, but frankly it's not as bad as it could've been, and he gets his due (AKA the townspeople shunning him, and him getting pranked hard in the end). I also used to get mad (well, mad is a strong word, but you get the vibes) at how weird and abrupt the ending was, but like...that's the whole point. I'll get back to that in a minute.

Like SpongeBob, I'm an April Fools aficionado. I change my social media profiles for April Fools, I try to act differently than I normally do, and I do try to pull some harmless pranks. SpongeBob in this episode is so cute with his enthusiasm for the holiday, and the fact that it's his favorite holiday is even cuter to me. Seriously, season 1 knocked it out of the park with how cute SpongeBob is, something that was kind of left by the wayside until season 10 or 11.

Anyway, like the topic of the episode implies, "Fools in April" is a pretty funny episode. At the very least, it's thoroughly entertaining. Squidward trying to apologize is hilarious, and I love that they stuck a...donkey...joke in there, if you know what I mean. Squidward's prank is hard to watch, but the writers toe the line excellently between making the audience uncomfortable on purpose, but not too uncomfortable. It doesn't last too long, and we cut away from the horrible prank multiple times to see Squidward's reactions, which provide some levity.

This episode also uses an aspect to SpongeBob I can't remember being revisited until "SpongeBob Meets The Strangler", which is that SpongeBob can be pretty smart sometimes, and he'll use those smarts to be a huge troll. I mean think about it, if, as I interpret it, his reaction was fake and he was really impressed by Squidward's prank, then it seems to me like SpongeBob planned his prank revenge right then and there, when he cried and ran out of the Krusty Krab. Like that's...that's brilliant. And I love it. Also, I think it's so fun how this episode can be interpreted in different ways (whether SpongeBob was legitimately upset or not, and if the ending has any meaning whatsoever), that isn't something you usually see in a show like SpongeBob SquarePants. I'm glad that episodes like these aren't too common, because then it would start to impact the comedy and simple nature of the show.

Anyway, every character is good in this episode. Like I said before, SpongeBob is adorable and I like the first segment of the episode with him pulling pranks. Mr. Krabs is only in this episode briefly, but I love how he gets in on the joke with SpongeBob when Squidward is originally pranked. It's that parental figure relationship, I tell you. Squidward is also good in this episode, even if he is a huge jerk, because he comes to regret it and then fumbles trying to apologize for a good few minutes. Patrick also is hilarious support, chewing the wire and frankly reminding Squidward that he's a jerkwad.

Now, about that ending. Yes, it's extremely random and abrupt. And that's perfect! Firstly, I think it fits an episode about April Fools, a holiday that's all about jokes and pranks and randomness. And like I was talking about before, in my interpretation this whole thing is an elaborate make-up prank against Squidward (I mean, that part is basically given, the real debate is when SpongeBob started his revenge prank). And then Squidward losing his mind is just perfect, some great voice acting as per usual.

Episode Tier: Amazing
Episode Score:
Good episode. 7/10.
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How about we explain how the April Fool's joke that Squidward did HURTED SPONGEBOB'S FEELINGS?!