190a. Lost in Bikini Bottom


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Jul 5, 2015
BabySmitty said:
I've pretty much given up all hope of the show being salvageable. After the garbage that was "Sponge out of Water," I've realized that the writers have run out of ideas.

"Oh, let's do an episode where..... I dunno..... Spongebob gets..... LOST! That'll show everyone that we're still coming up with new and exciting ideas! What a NOVELTY! And for the next one.... how about Spongebob tries to get his license? No one will ever guess what happens next!"

Except..... like most of the newer episodes, the episode has a plot that has not only been used before, but was done better over ten years ago.


Lost In Bikini Bottom was redundant, poorly-paced, unfunny, and a waste of some really nice drawings.
Just what WhoBob said. Just give Jack Pendarvis some time to get used to the show's formula.
You may not like the episode, but saying they're running out of ideas by just pointing out two episodes written by a new writer is just not right at all


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Nov 14, 2013
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First: Animation isn't that great. Sorry.This doesn't look great for me:
Omygosh his eyelashes are bothering a lot :T
I don't think the episode was that funny at all. SpongeBob didn't wanted to listen to Squidward, who was right, and at the ending, he was the one who got some hour off work for a bubble bath, while Squidward, who arrived early, didn't do anything wrong was the one who got a cold water beam, just because he wanted a bubble bath. That's unfair, he didn't got what "he deserved" like some people said. Well, he wasn't right by getting dirty in purpose, but look at his side... Poor Squidward. SpongeBob deserved something bad happening to him in the ending. 5/10 Aww, I was so excited for this episode, and this was what I get... :/And other, this episode IS NOT even close to the quality of season 1-3 or even season 4(that was kinda good)...For me, this is a season 7 episode :V
Although I really lovvvve this episode, I did wonder why SpongeBob insisted on taking this suppose shortcut. And yes, you're 100% correct about Squidward's ending. Over all, those two things didn't ruin it for me.

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Nov 21, 2015
I liked 9a alright but this was much better than most of the 9a episodes. It was pretty funny and had great art 8/10. It gave me hope for SpongeBob's future.


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Dec 2, 2015
I find this episode really funny and enjoyable but the ending is the best part of the episode was the ending it was hilarious


Best Character: :sbx: :patx: :squidx: :krabsx:

Best Line:Where's my bubble bath Mr Krabs

Best Moment:The ending

I'm gonna review every season 9b episodes


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Jul 15, 2014
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This one was all right. I'll admit that the plot was pretty odd, why would SpongeBob need a "shortcut" to get to work when there really was no other way? I was pretty much facepalming when Squidward was explaining the "point A to point B" thing to SpongeBob. Maybe I feel like he shouldn't be quite that much of an idiot, because I tend to like his personality from s1-3 better than s4 onward; he wasn't that dense. However, this could go for many of the modern episodes.

Anyway, aside from the beginning and the plot in general, the rest of the episode where he was returning to the Krusty Krab wasn't bad. SpongeBob seemed to revert somewhat back to his older personality. I liked the pedicab gag, it was funny and random. 8/10.

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Nov 21, 2015
Watched this episode again for a list I have planned, it really put into perspective on how much the show has changed even 2 years from now, compared to how crazy episodes like Krusty Katering (or even late season 9 episodes like Food Con Castaways) got, this feels a lot more relaxed, like a season 4 episode.
Sep 16, 2013
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I like the idea for this episode, but parts of its execution feel off, in my opinion. There are a few jokes that made me laugh (such as the bathroom joke near the end, as well as Patrick being given a ride by Scott,) but much of the episode felt relatively humorless. In addition, this is the episode that truly starts the trend of making the characters overly hyper, which would be fine, but I don't think it's done particularly well here. 6/10


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Nov 2, 2013
I finally watched this episode after two years of its premiere. Before talking about my actual opinion, this episode starts off with Squidward having a wonderful day until he left his house. Then SpongeBob came in without his clothes on after falling down on the stairs over and over. That part really made me laugh. It felt like the disaster back in Missing Identity, except with Gary and Patrick. After SpongeBob wore his clothes, he starts talking to Squidward about being 15 minute early. Does it really matter? Well, not to Squidward and/or me. So, Squidward was explaining to SpongeBob about the straight line , which is weird because in my opinion, it is just a kindergarten thing. Wow, Squidward, just wow. He also tried to explain it to SpongeBob with his hands. He couldn't, so he messed everything up and later SpongeBob "eats" it and claims that it tastes like strawberry. This came out of nowhere, but it was interesting. SpongeBob thinks that there is a shortcut to go to the Krusty Krab and Squidward just leaves him alone. SpongeBob is worried, so he is trying to go for a shortcut. I don't know where Sandy came from SpongeBob's thoughts about getting a shortcut, but it kinda helped SpongeBob how to go there. I don't know why SpongeBob was thinking about a shortcut, he should've just walked with Squidward to the Krusty Krab. Despite this, the episode shows that SpongeBob has potential to become a better character in general. He wasn't annoying or anything, he was just naive like he always is. I wonder where the other Krusty Krab "parodies" came from. It was an interesting addition, but we know that they will likely not going to return. SpongeBob tries to get help from the painter by giving him two coupons, but the painter left him and drives to the Krusty Krab without SpongeBob. After that, the Krusty Krab appeared and Squidward was relaxing in the Krusty Krab and he was having coffee, until Mr. Krabs appeared. This was a nice scene and it actually made the episode better. I felt like they weren't annoying here, but they were more interesting here than I thought they would be. After that, SpongeBob tries to call Squidward with the payphonre and Squidward ignored him. While SpongeBob didn't have money anymore, he decides to go to "Scott" for help. This is actually the best part of the episode. I liked how he acted in this episode and he actually felt really different compared to other episodes he appeared in. I really laughed when he got angry at him. He was also with that surfing dude and some other guy. So, he takes SpongeBob with him and his friends rooted for him. But instead of taking him to the Krusty Krab, he sent him to the Krusty Klam. Hmm... I wasn't expecting that. While SpongeBob finally managed to get to the Krusty Krab, he went there dirty and hugs the customers. Well, okay. Then he asks Patrick how he got to the KK. Patrick says that Scott took him there. I'm glad that they showed Patrick with a different attitude and less appearance time in this episode, compared to a few Season 8 episodes. Krabs found SpongeBob and sends him home so he can take a bath. SpongeBob didn't actually cry or anything. What is funny here? Squidward tries to get dirty with sand, so he can get sent home as well. Instead of going home, he gets wet by Mr. Krabs, which I actually laughed a lot, because Squidward was doing it on purpose and he deserved it. I somehow liked this episode, but it could be better. I think they could've done something more exciting here and the way the episode was started is very meh, but some parts made me laugh and the characters were more likeable. Not S1-S3-esque, but better than in other seasons. It isn't one of my favorite Season 9 episodes and Tutor Sauce was slightly better. Still a good episode though, but it has some flaws. It could be better.


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Oct 25, 2017
Episode: Lost in Bikini Bottom (S9-E190-A)

I love this episode. I laugh when SpongeBob stalks in the restroom. I'm happy Stephen Hillenberg returned for the series.

Final Score = 10/10 :imagination:
Nov 10, 2017
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A decent episode. I liked it. It's got some good jokes, Squidward's pretty funny here, and I like the whole idea of SpongeBob getting lost.

Ranking so far:
1. License to Milkshake (A)
2. Evil Spatula (A)
3. It Came From Goo Lagoon (A)
4. Eek, an Urchin! (A)
5. Bumper to Bumper (B)
6. Plankton's Pet (B)
7. Jailbreak! (B)
8. Lost in Bikini Bottom (B)
9. Patrick-Man! (B)
10. Yeti Krabs (B)
11. Extreme Spots (B)
12. Safe Deposit Krabs (B)
13. Gary's New Toy (B)
14. Don't Look Now (C)
15. Squirrel Record (C)
16. Seance Shmeance (C)
17. Squid Defense (D)
18. Kenny the Cat (D)
19. Squid Baby (E)
20. Little Yellow Book (F)
21. SpongeBob You're Fired (F)


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May 13, 2020
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This episode was pretty alright. There was a bit of filler at times, and it got kinda boring at some points, but the locations that Spongebob were getting sent to were creative, and I like some of the jokes.

Decent episode (6/10)

1. Plankton's Pet (9)
2. It Came From Goo Lagoon (8)
3. Eek, an Urchin! (7)
4. Jailbreak (7)
5. License to Milkshake (6)
6. Lost in Bikini Bottom (6)
7. Extreme Spots (6)
8. Safe Deposit Krabs (6)
9. Squid Defense (6)
10. Gary's New Toy (6)
11. Bumper to Bumper (6)
12. Squirrel Record (5)
13. Séance Schméance (5)
14. Patrick-Man! (5)
15. Evil Spatula (5)
16. Kenny the Cat (5)
17. Yeti Krabs (4)
18. Don't Look Now (4)
19. Squid Baby (3)
20. Little Yellow Book (2)
21. Spongebob, You're Fired! (2)
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Aug 14, 2021
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I thought it was alright its funny but feels like a waste of time

Rating: Meh Episode

Plankton's Pet (Perfect)
License to Milkshake (Perfect)
Patrick-Man! (Amazing)
Séance Schméance (Amazing)
Eek, An Urchin! (Awesome)
Safe Deposit Krabs (Awesome)
SpongeBob You're Fired (Great)
Squirrel Record (Great)
Kenny the Cat (Great)
Extreme Spots (Good)
Evil Spatula (Good)
Squid Baby (Okay)
Jailbreak! (Okay)
Squid Defense (Mediocre)
Lost in Bikini Bottom (Meh)
Bumper to Bumper (Meh)
Gary's New Toy (Bad)
It Came From Goo Lagoon (Bad)
Yeti Krabs (Bad)
Little Yellow Book (Inferior)
Don't Look Now (Terrible)