188b. Yeti Krabs


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I got to see this episode not to long ago and I enjoyed it. Squidward's great in this episode to, the ending with him just saying no was funny and him standing up for SpongeBob reminds me of Pizza Delivery.

Best characters, SpongeBob and Squidward.

SpongeBob washing machine, priceless. Also who does laundry at a restaurant?


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Good episode. Not anything too amazing but I liked how Squidward stood up for SpongeBob at the end, and I liked the references to Gift of Gum, Can You Spare a Dime, and Greasy Buffoons.


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I really like it! My favourite scenes are when the real Yeti Krabs goes to the KK and Squidward thinks it's a fake Mr.Krabs costume..Also, SpongeBob doing EVERYTHING assosiated with cleaning just because of the 'myth' Mr.Krabs told the crew was hilarious..the ending was funny too.. :p 8/10

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The wait it took for this episode to air is the only memorable thing about it. It's the same old Hooky type of episode.

Pretty good episode. It's another episode like Hooky, only with Squidward instead of Patrick. And I think it works. It's a fun ride the whole way through, and I'd recommend checking it out.

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