187a. Don't Look Now

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
This one was okay. The beginning is slow and has very little laughs. The plot latter on is interesting though so it's decent. I just wish they went a little bit further, added more jokes, and made the beginning shorter. I love "Now that we're men" returning too. 7/10


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I remember watching this in June 2013 ? How can it's airdate be October 14? Anyways, in Greece (I am Greek I saw it in June 2013 I remember it because we had exams :p )

Anyways, I love this episode, the end wasn't abusive because Squidward DESERVED it , so from me an 8.5/10


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Really liked the concept of this episode. Some of the jokes fell flat (though Slasher McGee landed, hard) but I still thought there was enough there to drive an enjoyable eleven minutes
I'll give this episode a pass for having the "Die in mine" joke and a few other funny jokes, but overall, this episode kinda bored me. Wasn't too impressed with it.

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