186a. Safe Deposit Krabs

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I didn't like this episode much when I first watched it, but after recently looking back on it I actually liked it a lot. Very unique plot and the way it goes about everything is pretty hilarious and original. Surprisingly quite good considering it's an episode dealing with Mr. Krab's money obsession.


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I loved this episode! The story was alright but the humor worked really well! Second best episode of Season 9! And at least Krabs was greedy, but not jerky greedy.

Rating: 10/10 :1st:

Best Character: :mrkrabs:

Best Moment: :spongebob: : Where are you?
:mrkrabs: : I'm locked in the Bikini Bottom Vault and I'm havin' the time of me life! Oh, and I think I'm runnin' out of oxygen and it's makin' me lose my mind!
For me this episode was great my 3rd favorite Season 9 episode so far Mr. Krabs was not as greedy as he is like in the episode with that Penny


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I thought it was pretty funny. Not a perfect episode by any means, but entertaining and enjoyable.

8|10 Overall

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This is a decent post-movie episode, but it's not as good as its partner episode Plankton's Pet. Mr. Krabs' character has been sort-of mean-spirited lately, but fortunately he is back to his funny self in this episode. (He steals the show.) I loved his antics including his disguises to get a bank membership and his fantasies in the money vault. Mrs. Greenbach should be a recurring character! :hehe:


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A pretty good episode 7/10.
It had some decent laughs and a pretty good plot, it seemed like something that could totally happen in the pre movie days.

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Watched this one again and it really made me laugh a lot. It's one of those times where making Mr. Krabs really greedy and over the top works comedically and is context with what they're going for unlike in "Penny Foolish" (where he's stalking SpongeBob just for a penny and where basically nothing is actually funny in it) or "The Cent of Money" (abusing Gary to get what he wants). Would definitely rewatch this one again in the future.
I really liked this one. It was pretty funny, Mr. Krabs' halucinations wer fun and post-movie Patrick was at his one of best performances (his joke about Santa made me lol). This is how you done greedy Mr. Krabs episode right. Best episode that Blake Lemon has written so far. 10/10

Murvine Taylor

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I think this episode was hilarious. I was laughing like crazy. What I didn't like however, was Pearl's cameo. Ugh, she was so bratty for no reason. I also did not like how SpongeBob got literally kicked out of the bank in the end because he was not trying to do anything wrong. Other than that, this episode is supberb.

Rating: 9/10


Yeah, it is one of those episodes that get better in the second viewing. It knew when to use humor without seeming clumsy, and the visuals were great.


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Season: 9

Episode: Safe Deposit Krabs

This episode was good. I liked the plot. Mr.Krabs didn't bother me, and was greedy in a funny way (unlike Penny Foolish or The Cent of Money). There were some funny jokes. 8/10


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Pretty good episode 8/10. The scene when Mr. Krabs is lying in the money has became an internet meme in latin america. XD