185. It Came From Goo Lagoon


I saw this episode again yesterday, and I think it's great, but could've been better. It would've been cool if Plankton just used it for world destruction or something instead of the usual recipe plot. I'm also glad we got a lot of Goo Lagoon.
Probably this season's best 22-minute special. I liked the action, I liked the jokes, I liked pretty much everything. I'd recommend it if you have some spare time.

Ranking so far:
1. License to Milkshake (A)
2. Evil Spatula (A)
3. It Came From Goo Lagoon (A)
4. Eek, an Urchin! (A)
5. Bumper to Bumper (B)
6. Jailbreak! (B)
7. Patrick-Man! (B)
8. Extreme Spots (B)
9. Gary's New Toy (B)
10. Squirrel Record (C)
11. Squid Defense (D)
12. Squid Baby (E)
13. Little Yellow Book (F)