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Can't believe that SpongeBob finally almost got his license! :O Oh well. I loved the HD look in the episode and I'm glad Mrs. Puff's OOC from her last appearance on the show faded. The Pictureception that was also in No Free Rides was a nice touch.


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that was my problem with the episode. Ms.Puff going crazy over Spogebob, thinking of some absurd way for him to pass, and lol he screws it up, and Ms.Puff goes to jail once again.

Don't watch Demolition Doofus then.

I give this a 7, It being good, but with a cruel ending. I knew SB would be licenseless, but it was still horrible.


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I was watching it again and I noticed that when Mrs. Puff sits down on her couch, there's a picture of her sitting down on her couch with a picture of her sitting down on her couch - just like the picture frame joke in No Free Rides.


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Bad episode. Not as bad as Little Yellow Book, but still bad.

1: The mantra of "Focus on the road, there is nothing but the road..." being repeated over and over for a couple minutes. To me, I find that annoying.

2: The ending. The fact he STILL doesn't have his license is cruel, considering he actually did a good job this time. Also, more Puff Abuse. The only time I don't feel sorry for Mrs. Puff in these newer episodes is Demolition Doofus.


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The night before that episode premiered, I was all nervous because I thought Mrs. Puff was going to be a psychotic jerk like she was in that horrendous "Demolition Doofus", but I was wrong. Ok, Mrs. Puff was a jerk in the beginning when she made SB cry. I kind of felt bad for him, especially when he was wallowing, but I understood why Mrs. Puff made him cry. At least she did not try to kill him. Phew! In fact, she tried to help him get over his fear of driving and SpongeBob got his license. :)

Unfortunately, SpongeBob got his license ripped and Mrs. Puff went to jail for violating her parole. She also threatened to get SpongeBob, even though it was not his fault. Think about it; Mrs. Puff likely got parole for trying to kill SpongeBob. (In real life one probably gets a worse punishment than parole if they attempt murder, but this is a cartoon.) Then, she drove out of town to that abandoned road, probably.

Anyway, I think this is a great episode. I liked the "Focus on the road" mantra too.

Rating: 8/10


I really liked the episode. I can really compare it to nautical novice, both led to me thinking "Yay, Spongebob's finally getting his license. Then the last 20 seconds kills it! Of course it's too late to change the ending to Nautical Novice, but maybe if I can get enough people in... we could make it happen! Spongebob needs his license before the movie and season 9 is still in production, and will be the last before the movie (I think the show may, just may, stop production after the second movie.) So what do you say?


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I... honestly didn't like it. Yes, there's an episode in Season 9 that I dislike (that isn't Little Yellow Book).

Problem #1: The episode feels like a Nautical Novice ripoff (especially in the final 30 seconds - we'll get to that later). It even has a scene that looks like it's trying to imitate the Squidward in Clarinetland visualls. So much for originality.
Problem #2: Lack of humor. The "Going Bananas 3 in 3D" bit is pretty much the only legitimately funny scene in this episode, and even then, I find the two fish to be annoying.
Problem #3 - and this is the biggie: THE ENDING IS A HUGE SLAP IN THE FACE. Not only does it feel cruel to BOTH of the main protagonists, it also manages to be a direct ripoff of the ending from Nautical Novice. Also, the fact that Mrs. Puff is on parole is ignored throught nearly the entire episode just so it can come back and slap us squarely in the face. And that's just something I hate.

Overall: 3.5/10


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Man, this was almost a really great episode. The only problems I had with this one was first minute or 2 with that really lame cliched 3D movie gag, seriously has that awful gag ever worked in any TV show and how mean Mrs.Puff was, almost like Demolition Doofus.My other problem was lack of humour. Besides that this episode had a very nice plot that felt almost like a classic, especially the weird "trip" Spongebob went on, my other problem was Mrs.Puff going to jail AGAIN. But this episode was fun to watch for me.

Even with those problems at the beginning and end I did enjoy this episode quite a bit.


Seriously this one almost had it.