182b. Bumper to Bumper

Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

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This one's watchable I guess. Kinda goes "inSpongeniac" on us for a couple of minutes though it's not as weird as that episode. Ends up being the usual Mrs. Puff SpongeBob episode at the end though so I'll be nice and just give this a 6.5/10. I really do hope that someday they will give these kinds of episodes some closure. Maybe in the next season. I might also rewatch this episode to see if I like it better the second time.
If you know me, you know how I feel about this episode. I have a weird attachment to it in that I absolutely love it as the best of Season 9. Yeah, shoot me. I'm just so attached to this one I just love it. I am blinded by the bad. If I had a normal relationship with this episode then I'd give it a 7 or 8 but something's wrong with me and I love this one 10/10


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Season: 9

Episode: Bumper to Bumper

This episode was pretty decent. I kinda liked the plot. There were some jokes. 6.5/10


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Not sure about unoriginal. I thought this was the most fresh a boating school episode has felt in a while, moreso than anything in season 8 at least.
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Another pretty good episode. I found this episode to be enjoyable in some regards. This episode could have used more jokes, but it tells a great story, so it's not all bad. Plus, it's nice to see a boating school episode in HD.

Ranking so far:
1. License to Milkshake (A)
2. Bumper to Bumper (B)
3. Patrick-Man! (B)
4. Extreme Spots (B)
5. Gary's New Toy (B)
6. Squirrel Record (C)
7. Squid Baby (E)
8. Little Yellow Book (F)


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This episode is pretty uninteresting for the most part but the ending is just terrible. This episode is pretty much Nautical Novice except worse.

Bad Episode (3.5/10)