179b. Squirrel Record


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Awesome episode, loved the way SpongeBob helped Sandy in this episode, how he was worried about her...

This is definitely one of my favorites episodes!


Nothing wrong with it!
Only Sandy haters don`t like this episode :V


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Yeah it's obviously a Pre-Hibernation Week rip-off, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It was pretty funny, 8/10.


HolographicMeatloaf said:
Probably for the best if you did just one or two sentences with your rating from now on. :) Trying to get others to explain their reasoning for their ratings more.


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It's an okay episode, this episode is kind of a rip-off, and some scenes were a bit disturbing, but i liked how this episode references GWR realy well.

It's okay. It was pretty light on the jokes, but I found the story to be pretty cool. The only thing that bothers me here is the fact that we've already seen this plot done in Prehibernation Week.

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1. Extreme Spots (B)
2. Squirrel Record (C)