165a. House Sittin' For Sandy


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I thought I would start an episode discussion for this one since it hasn't popped up yet.

This was definitely a good episode considering that Aaron Springer was the main writer. The parts that gave me a good laugh were Gary's realistic hands as he showed Spongebob the calender, and when Spongebob realized he wasn't wearing a water helmet. For the first few minutes, I was going INSANE wondering why Spongebob wasn't dying from the lack of water in Sandy's dome. The ending was just filler, and it doesn't take a genius to notice that. But it was just a good episode that I have very few problems with.


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Loved this episode! The robots were hilarious! Loved how they were beating each other up at first and it's amazing how much destruction they caused in just seconds. I wasn't expecting Sandy to want SpongeBob and Patrick to destroy her house on purpose at all. I give this a 9 out of 10. Solid episode all the way through.


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For the first few minutes, I was going INSANE wondering why Spongebob wasn't dying from the lack of water in Sandy's dome.
SERIOUSLY! I actually began to wonder if the animators had made some sort of error! And SB's face when he finally did realize he wasn't getting any water? ...Disturbing.



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I thought this episode was quite funny and well thought-out. :) Lol at first I didn't even notice SpongeBob wasn't wearing a helmet until Patrick mentioned it. :p


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I have not really seen any season 8 episodes. From what you guys are saying, this one sounds like a real blast!



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This episode was alright and it kept me wondering about the helmet. I also enjoyed the reference to Goofy Goobers and the quick Spandy scene. I also like how the episode card was from "Pre-hibernation Week".


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I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Though not "the" best episode of Season 8, it was hilarious. The robots, destroyed treedome, and everything else was classic. Oh, and I agree with RedSoxFan274 about SpongeBob's face when he dried out. It was grotesque (compared to other episodes where he dried out), but this episode is good. I was intensely frightened when it looked like Sandy was going to blast SpongeBob and Patrick, but it's revealed that the ray gun fixes stuff and she wanted SpongeBob to destroy her house all along. I didn't get it, but it is still good and I always laugh when Sandy yelled "SPONGEBOB!" at the end. I give a huge 9 out of 10!



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This episode was awesome, but SpongeBob's face was THE MOST awkward face ever.

No, when he dried up, that was just weird, gruesome, unnecessary. -_-

Good thing Season 8 has not as much of that.

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Ohhh, sweet Cassandra, You should've asked someone else . . . . Like, Squidward. Anyway, decent episode.

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House Sittin’ for Sandy: 5/10

To me, this was probably one of the worst Season 8 episodes. It suffers from time fillers, repetition, nonsensical plot points, and a terrifyingly disgusting scene. There were some funny scenes like always, but they were very few and far in-between. The twist was also totally lame, and a big middle finger to the viewers who wasted their time watching this episode.

Funny Moments:

-Spongebob’s comment about mutated worms.
-Patrick barking like a dog.
-The robot breaking Sandy’s invention the second time around.
-The calculator burning up.


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This wasn't really season 8's best episode. The first half was boring. It was just Sandy blabbing about house sitting. The second half was kind of stupid, especially the bit when SpongeBob dropped the flask and caused the robots to destroy the treedome. That just makes no sense. Also, when Sandy returned and had that ray gun, I thought she was going to shoot SB and Pat, only to find out that she was just repairing her treedome with it. And, she said she wanted them to destroy the treedome the whole time? That's just confusing. This was a morally bad episode of season 8, but better than it's sister, "Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom". 4.5/10

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I think this episode is one of the weakest season 8 episodes but It's still a good episode. It's not bad as people says actually. I don't think It's a great episode because there were some flaws in this episode. This episode rips-off Wormy episode, which is a funny episode (Please don't kill me MMM) and I think Wormy is way better than this episode. I hated Sandy in this episode because when she returned to her house with her ray gun, I thought Sandy is going to kill SpongeBob and Patrick in this episode but she just used her ray gun to fix everything in her house because she wanted SpongeBob and Patrick to destory her house, so she can test her new invention. WHAT? Are you serious Sandy? Also some parts were boring but I still think It's a good episode. Some parts made me laugh like the calculator burning up, SpongeBob drying up, Patrick acting like a dog, robots destorying everything in Sandy's house and the ending. Also I enjoyed watching the part when Sandy fixed everything in her house. 7.5/10



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It was good I'd say. Not a very great episode but I suppose the robots were cool and the Spandy moment was nice. The plot was alright and the ending was kinda clever.