164a. Barnacle Face


Krabby Patty Burglar
Aug 8, 2013
Season: 8

Episode: Barnacle Face

This episode was kinda decent. The plot was kinda mediocre. There were some gross moments, but i didn't them that much. There were few funny jokes. 5.5/10

Flabby Patty

Flabby Patty > Krusty Krab
Jul 19, 2015
Flabby Patty
I did think this episode was pretty good, but it's not bad or mediocre in anyway. The only way I really would have to dislike it is that it might be a little bit gross and slow, but there was always something that flew well or was funny. 8/10

Jack M Crazyfish

I'm back, I guess.
Jun 5, 2016
United Kingdom
I'm really not a big fan of this one, it's a boring plot, has no substance, a lack of jokes and it's kind of gross. It just gives you that uneffective feeling. It didn't strike out as a fantastic piece of work and it didn't make you throw you're TV out of the window it just leaves you with no emotion at all and that bothers me.


Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
I guess this episode exists. It's just light from about every angle. Not much to love, and a couple of questionable things, but it had some funny parts every blue moon.



Giant Clam
Oct 25, 2017
Episode: Barnacle Face (S8-E164-A)

This episode is OK, but I hate Mr. Krabs in this episode. WHY? Because, instead of helping Pearl remove her barnacle (underwater version of a pimple) with expensive treatment, he gives soap made of krabby patties, which has grease, causing Pearl to get more barnacles. He made me so mad, I want to eat him so much. I'm tired of Mr. Krabs being a cheapskate. Instead of caring Pearl so much, he only cares about money and diamonds. How ::dolphin noise::ing greedy he is. I like the ending. Covering Pearl's barnacles with diamonds is a good idea. Such radiance and beauty. Too bad Mr. Krabs doesn't have diamonds anymore. He should deserve it.

Final Score = 6/10
Nov 10, 2017
United States
A very mediocre episode. Practically nothing in this episode stands out, and I get that they were trying to portray teenagers in real life, but did they have to do it this drastically? That being said, it;s not all bad, but not one of my personal favorites this season.

Ranking so far:
1. The Hot Shot (A+)
2. Frozen Face-Off (A+)
3. Drive Thru (A)
4. Ghoul Fools (A)
5. Mooncation (A)
6. Mermaid Man Begins (B)
7. Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation (B)
8. Plankton's Good Eye (B)
9. Walking the Plankton (B)
10. A Friendly Game (B)
11. Sentimental Sponge (C)
12. A SquarePants Family Vacation (C)
13. Accidents Will Happen (C)
14. Sweet and Sour Squid (C)
15. Barnacle Face (C)
16. Squidward's School for Grown-Ups (C)
17. The Googly Artiste (D)
18. The Other Patty (D)
19. Patrick's Staycation (D)
20. Oral Report (E)


Aug 14, 2021
Princess Peach's Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom
I cant say that i really liked this episode. Its so disgusting and very boring and the plot is very weak. Therefore this is definitely a ScumBob for me.

Rating: Bad Episode

Mermaid Man Begins (Perfect)
The Hot Shot (Perfect)
Oral Report (Great)
A Friendly Game (Great)
Accidents Will Happen (Great)
Sentimental Sponge (Good)
Frozen Face Off (Good)
Sweet and Sour Squid (Good)
Mooncation (Good)
Plankton's Good Eye (Good)
The Googly Artiste (Okay)
Patrick's Staycation (Okay)
Ghoul Fools (Okay)
Drive Thru (Alright)
The Other Patty (Meh)
Squidward's School for Grown-ups (Mediocre)
Barnacle Face (Bad)
Walking the Plankton (Bad)
A SquarePants Family Vacation (Inferior)


#1 SpongeBob Reviewer
Apr 23, 2016
Let’s go, a Pearl episode! And so soon after “Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation”…I feel like I’m being spoiled. What’s funny is that I don’t even like Pearl that much as a character, but I’m a strong advocate for using all 10 of the main characters (especially when you think of the very unfortunate trend of the women characters not being used as much).

This show’s depiction of high school is about as stereotypical as you’d expect, and it makes me very glad that this show is not set in high school. Immensely glad, actually. Anyway, this little bit at the beginning sets up pretty much the whole plot, where Pearl is planning to go to a dance, but a barnacle grows on her face before that. It’s a very relatable experience, not even just for teenagers considering that plenty of adults get acne too.

The little bit we see of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs before Pearl barges in is great because it yet again shows just how much we’ve grown since season 6 in terms of awkward humor. I really enjoyed this little interaction, and it also shows SpongeBob, to a tiny degree, being his little weirdo self, so I like that too. Once Pearl barges in, this scene is very reminiscent of “The Chaperone” to me, right down to the characters involved. I also think that this scene does a good job at balancing Mr. Krabs being an actually good father with him being a cheap soul.

This episode also gives us some wonderful Pearl and SpongeBob interactions. It really does feel like SpongeBob is assuming a big brother role here, and I love that. It’s a lot like “The Chaperone”, which means that this show is consistent with the character dynamic here, which I appreciate. I also think the interactions between SpongeBob and Pearl are just hilarious, there’s so many great jokes here. And the hypnotist joke…first off I really loved it, and second off this had the comedic timing of a sitcom, I was almost expecting a laugh track lol. Though I guess Lap Steel is basically one of this show’s versions of a laugh track.

We then get a few minutes of shenanigans trying to get the barnacle off, with SpongeBob using literal hardware trying to get it off. And when this doesn’t work, after Pearl scrubs her face, even more barnacles appear. This is, by the way, some excellent foreshadowing at work. Especially when SpongeBob starts getting a little weird with the soap lol. I don’t even know if I can call this foreshadowing, considering how much we’re beaten over the head with it, but I’m calling it that anyway. We then get some more shenanigans as SpongeBob covers Pearl up in concealer, and Mr. Krabs walks in and jumps in his Chekov’s jewels.

Finally, after some pretty entertaining build-up in the basement, we get the well-foreshadowed reveal that the soap that Pearl has been using is actually made from old Krabby Patties, which is disgusting, and clearly the reason why Pearl has been growing these barnacles. I’m surprised she didn’t have skin problems sooner. Fortunately, SpongeBob comes up with a solution to Pearl’s problem that lets her have the last laugh. Good on you, SpongeBob, and I’m glad Pearl got a win here, considering this is all Mr. Krabs’ fault.

“Barnacle Face” is, ironically, a hidden gem in my opinion. This episode has all kinds of great stuff in it, from Pearl and SpongeBob’s dynamic, to the humor, to even Mr. Krabs. There’s just a lot to like. The beginning high school stuff was the typical kind of meh that I normally feel when watching things of that nature, so I don’t necessarily hold it against the episode for being particularly bad, but I do hold it against the episode for making me watch that anyway. But it really wasn’t that bad, definitely nowhere near as bad as it could’ve been.

Episode Tier: Amazing
Episode Score:


New Kelp City's Mayor
Jul 20, 2023
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It's a gross-out episode, but by god does it hit home for me. The ending made me laugh, and I also just enjoyed the resolution. It's probably because the whole barnacle thing happened to me, where no matter how hard I tried, I just could not shoo acne. Yeah, good stuff.