164a. Barnacle Face


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The episode aired a few hours ago. My thoughts as I watch:

Another Pearl episode, huh? We barely see any of these anymore.

Pearl has a face barnacle, and lucky her - right before the High School dance.

Darn it, Aaron Springer! Tone down the gross-out...

Pearl's pretty much eating up Mr. Krabs' profit.

Mr. Krabs, being the cheap guy he is, hires SpongeBob to get rid of the barnacle.

Dang, that's a pretty tough barnacle - ever consider getting some Proactiv?

MORE BARNACLES! (Reminds me of the game Lights, Camera, Pants!)

Spongebob is obsessed with Pearl's soap.

Concealer just makes Pearl look uglier... and not able to talk well.

Mr. Krabs still won't let Pearl get a proper treatment - he would rather take a diamond bath.

Pearl's tears, yet again, make a whole pool of water.

She plays the piano? Didn't know.

Is soap really going to help her face?

Mr. Krabs keeps a dungeon? Must be to keep people who can't pay for Krabby Patties.

Mr. Krabs is pulling a lever for... making soap?


Yep, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Krabs is too cheap.

So it's the GREASE that's been causing all of this... yet again.

SpongeBob, being the so-called genius he is, covers all of Pearl's barnacles with diamonds...

...And her friends love it. This plan has to fail at some p- oh wait...

He used all of Mr. Krabs' diamonds.

All in all, I didn't except a Pearl centered episode to premiere, but it was a good change of pace from the "Plankton steals formula" and Squid abuse episodes. Although the last Pearl episode was funnier (Tunnel of Glove, if you're wondering).



Eh, it wasn't bad, kind of feel we've seen this before in other episodes..SpongeBob having to do special favors to Mr. Krabs because he's too cheap (and said problem concerning Pearl, The Chaperone, Whale of a Birthday, etc) But it was nice seeing a new Pearl episode, and there wasn't really anything bad about it.. the reason for her barnacles was unexpected yet weird :s

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Just saw this episode...not too bad. Just a little bit gross at times. The ending was pretty funny. I'd give it a 5.6/10


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UGH! This episode is super-gross! I was eating bacon when I first watched this, and I LITERALLY almost threw-up! One of the grossest SpongeBob episodes ever along with "To Love a Patty"! Those barnacles were gross and hideous! I give this episode a 3 out of 10.


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Wasn't a great episode, but I don't think it was bad. Not a ton of funny stuff though. I thought the diamonds all over her face at the end looked kind of weird... the barnacles looked better haha
I looked like Mr. Krabs had a lot more gems and such in his safe room than Pearl had on her face.. SpongeBob must have stashed the rest at his house :p


I thought it was a good episode, a little gross, but considering the barnacles were based on teenage acne, that was expected.


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This episode was humorous and a tad gross. The barnacles rigorously made me cringe. But, I though it was funny when SpongeBob kept smelling that soap, and his random quote about Pearl's piano skills, which had absolutely nothing to do with the concept. The ending was laugh-material, too. 6.9/10


It was alright I guess. The Krabby Patty soap thingy was funny and the whole thing overall was pretty good.


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I used to hate this episode, but now I think it's mediocre. It did have some funny parts like the bully getting a purple nurple and SpongeBob trying to get rid of the barnacle, but I did not like Mr. Krabs in this episode. The plot twist where Mr. Krabs makes soap out of Krabby Patties was stupid and very cheap. Not the worst episode Aaron Springer wrote but it's not good either. 5/10
This, together with Pet Sister Pat, is probably the worst pairing of season 8 (which is a fantastic season).

  • Communication between Spongebob and Pearl. That, in the past, has lead to wonderful episodes, like Tunnel of Glove.
  • Comuppance for Krabs
  • "I promised Krabs I wouldn't let him down, and I partially fulfilled this promise."
  • Awkward high school scenes
  • GROSS-OUT. Come on, writers, I thought that we already been pass season 6!
  • Mr. Krabs being cheap
  • Stupid plot twist


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Okay, I admit I actually really like this one! It's really not that gross, IMO. Although, Mr. Krabs being EXTREMELY, STUPIDLY cheap makes this episode bleh. I don't like it when writers make Mr. K cheap to the point where it just becomes a stupid joke. Other than that, it's a decent episode.