163b. Plankton's Good Eye

Jack M Crazyfish

I'm back, I guess.
Jun 5, 2016
United Kingdom
I always like the plots that involve a character acting the opposite of what they would normally act like Born Again Krabs, Not Normal and Patrick SmartPants. Although I think this episode is weaker than 2 of the other episodes I mentioned, I think the plot is executed a lot more differently and it's more interesting and they pulled of this plot way better than Born Again Krabs. The reason why I don't enjoy this episode as much as Not Normal and Patrick SmartPants is that this episode isn't that funny, however I was thoroughly intrigued by the interesting story and there were a few funny gags such as when Plankton gets eyes all over his body and he just turns into one massive eye which overall makes this episode pretty solid.


Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
This is a fun episode and seeing Plankton's transformation into a nice guy makes for a great story with some memorable scenes, on the higher side of season 8 to me.



Kairi is Back
Dec 8, 2016
Somewhere in Sora's Heart
I watched the episode on TV so...

I like the episode, but it has some wasted potencial like the whole good eye could have been a little more fleshed out. 8/10


Floating Shopping List
Apr 19, 2017
I Loved this episode; the only thing I DIDN'T like, was how Karen was such a "Female Dog" towards Nice Plankton!!
Nov 10, 2017
United States
Nothing too special, except for Bubble Bass's return, but since then he's become a reccuring character. I think some of the jokes work, and the plot is funny, but nothing too significant happens here.

Ranking so far:
1. The Hot Shot (A+)
2. Frozen Face-Off (A+)
3. Drive Thru (A)
4. Ghoul Fools (A)
5. Mooncation (A)
6. Mermaid Man Begins (B)
7. Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation (B)
8. Plankton's Good Eye (B)
9. Walking the Plankton (B)
10. A Friendly Game (B)
11. Sentimental Sponge (C)
12. A SquarePants Family Vacation (C)
13. Accidents Will Happen (C)
14. Sweet and Sour Squid (C)
15. Squidward's School for Grown-Ups (C)
16. The Googly Artiste (D)
17. The Other Patty (D)
18. Patrick's Staycation (D)
19. Oral Report (E)


Aug 14, 2021
Princess Peach's Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom
Not the best its just good. Its has some creepy scenes but at least its funny.

Rating: Good Episode

Mermaid Man Begins (Perfect)
The Hot Shot (Perfect)
Oral Report (Great)
A Friendly Game (Great)
Accidents Will Happen (Great)
Sentimental Sponge (Good)
Frozen Face Off (Good)
Sweet and Sour Squid (Good)
Mooncation (Good)
Plankton's Good Eye (Good)
The Googly Artiste (Okay)
Patrick's Staycation (Okay)
Ghoul Fools (Okay)
Drive Thru (Alright)
The Other Patty (Meh)
Squidward's School for Grown-ups (Mediocre)
Walking the Plankton (Bad)
A SquarePants Family Vacation (Inferior)


#1 SpongeBob Reviewer
Apr 23, 2016
“Plankton’s Good Eye” reminds me a lot of “The Inside Job”, which makes sense as there are some very similar plot elements here. Plankton being influenced by someone (particularly SpongeBob) through scientific means, being the key similarity. Also because this influence is caused by a plot to get the formula. But of course we all know that I never say the word rip-off, so this isn't me calling the episode that. I'm just acknowledging their similarities.

I don’t really have much to say about the beginning scene of the episode, the one between Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob. The whole money thing lasts a bit too long, but I love how Mr. Krabs is slightly offended by the suggestion that he’s obsessed with money, like boy you’re more obsessed with money than I am with SpongeBob, and that’s saying something. Plankton hiding in the pickle jar is something that only he’d do. And of course he manages to mess up his clear advantage. For once, Plankton actually listens to Karen in this episode, which made me pretty happy because I like when they work together more.

Plankton’s attempts at getting a second eye are decently entertaining, though they do contain a lot of body horror, especially on that first one. Finally, he lands on getting the DNA from someone else to get another eye, which causes him to get SpongeBob’s DNA by making him cry like this is “A Day Without Tears”. At least SpongeBob had his backup milk! This scene was pretty entertaining, especially with Plankton's disdain for SpongeBob's crybabyness. Finally, an episode that leans to the child side of the line without irritating me. Just kidding, this has definitely happened before, but I just felt like saying that because I feel like the child side is better for small moments like this...not entire episodes.

Finally, Plankton gets a second eye, which makes him look really weird, and it’s kind of distracting not gonna lie. And Plankton runs into problems pretty quickly, once it becomes clear that his second eye starts making him see the world the way SpongeBob does, and becoming “neevil”. I also love that we get a Bubble Bass appearance in this episode, as I think it had been…many years since we’d last seen him? Though now he’s a pretty regular side character, which I love. SpongeBob sees what he perceives as Plankton turning a new leaf, and throws a surprise party for him. I at least enjoy the Sandy cameo here. And this party turns out to be just what Plankton needed, as it squeezes the eye right off of him. Which then leads to him sending everyone off with some lasers. A pretty fun ending for me.

As you can very clearly see, I don't have much to say about this episode. I don't really feel strongly about...anything I see here. Not the plot, not the visuals (except for the uncanniness of Plankton's second eye I guess), not anything. And that's not really a bad thing, but it does mean that this episode for sure doesn't have a "wow" factor (or an "ew" factor, for that matter, but obviously we know that because this review would've been much longer had that been the case). I think this episode is generally harmless and decent. A perfectly good, entertaining episode.

Episode Tier: Good
Episode Score: