163b. Plankton's Good Eye


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I'm gonna call it - the kindness is a trick to get the secret formula.

Nonetheless, I'm gonna watch it, and write my timeline thingy.



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Sounds interesting. Though Plankton once already got a 2nd eye in a past SpongeBob Comic strip. :p


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No timeline, since I'm lazy.

Anyways, a pretty decent episode, and it seems that they got a new writer/storyboard artist, too. I forgot his last name, but I'm pretty sure his first name is "Marc". He did a pretty good job for his first episode. Also, no, this wasn't just Plankton trying to fool people with his kindness, he was REALLY kind. "Neevil", as Karen put it. I liked the laser send-off he did with the surprise guests.


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I liked this episode! It wasn't great but still an improvement. I'd give it a 6/10.

But I loved how Bubble Bass was in it!! First appearence of him since "F.U.N"!!


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I liked this episode! It wasn't great but still an improvement. I'd give it a 6/10.

But I loved how Bubble Bass was in it!! First appearence of him since "F.U.N"!!
Oh, yeah! I remembered that... it's only his third time in an episode, by the way. Guess they haven't forgot about the long-time fans.


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Apparently, the new guy is Marc Ceccarelli. He has also done some work on Phineas and Ferb.


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I thought this thread was 'Plankton's Good Bye'. Plankton finally leaves and moves on with his life, that would be a good storyline, make the show a bit fresh.



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Before this episode aired, I was thinking how almost all major characters have had an episode in which either a freak accident or something attached to them makes them act opposite of their personalities (The Abrasive side, Patrick SmartPants, Breath of a Fresh Squidward, Born Again Krabs) So I suppose it was natural to have an episode in which Plankton acted nice..or like SpongeBob, or whatever. Him trying to get his extra eye was funny and yay, Bubble Bass! Didn't expect to see him, awesome. Overall, I thought this wasn't a bad episode. I give it a B+


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I thought it was weird that the guests squeezed his eye out.


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I've been getting tired of all the Plankton episodes lately but I think this is the best I've seen for a loooong time. My favorite part was with Bubble Bass. What a funny way to bring him back! Him squeezing out of the window and landing right on Plankton was priceless! Poor Plankton! He always gets in the worse situations. lol


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I would have liked to hear the beginning of this conversation haha: "and that's why your promotion means a 50% cut in salary"
Episode wasn't my favorite Plankton episode at all, but it was okay... just sort of a weird plot



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Well, I've seen better, but I still like this one. Overall, it was a bit funny, and good in some scenes. I thought the plot was nice and I'd probably give this one a 7/10.


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Season: 8

Episode: Plankton's Good Eye

This episode was good. The plot was really good. I liked the return of Bubble Bass. There were some funny jokes. 8/10

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I liked this episode, it was pretty fun. Lots of nifty stuff here and there, made for something pretty fresh (in terms of Plankton episodes). The only bad part was Plankton messing with SpongeBob's milk, but oh well.

8.5/10 in the house! :p