161b. Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation


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Apr 23, 2016
And here we arrive at the last of SpongeBob’s Runaway Roadtrip, “Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation”. I’m not as sad to see this anthology go as I was for the previous one, but this still was a fun little collection of episodes, if altogether weaker than the last anthology. I just like episode collections with a theme. Maybe that’s why I miss the DVD market so bad.

As always, this episode begins with some slides, and I again like the random assortment of characters. Well, it’s not too random, just the core five + Pearl, but I still like it, and it makes me wonder again about the backstory here. This slides segment is also pretty good, just like most of them have been (with of course the glaring exception of “Patrick’s Staycation”.

Getting into the real episode, this beginning scene is great. I love SpongeBob and Squidward’s opposite reactions to Mr. Krabs incomplete sentence, they’re funny and dramatic, everything I love to see. Poor SpongeBob was rattled. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because this episode literally makes me jump up in the air when Mr. Krabs says that he’s 1) taking Pearl on a long-overdue vacation (Mr. Krabs bad dad people eat your heart out! Second-most annoying haters behind Goku bad dad people) and that he’s 2) wanting SpongeBob to join them (Mr. Krabs-SpongeBob quasi-father-son content??? This episode really did this for me. They saw that I loved the ending of “Patrick’s Staycation”, and that “Walking the Plankton” was lacking, and knew what they had to do). I love SpongeBob’s happiness over this, how he’s literally unable to speak.

This episode is honestly hilarious. There’s great visual gags all over the place, like SpongeBob’s 8-ball eyes or the replacement eyes bit later. And there’s also some other great moments, like the aforementioned Squidward one, or when Pearl’s like “bet your bottom dollar” and Mr. Krabs freaks. There’s also lots of fun puns in this episode, especially once we get to the Mint. Perhaps my perception of the humor is aided by my already extremely positive attitude following the first scene, but I don’t care, I’m allowed to be influenced by the plot this is my review and I make the rules lol.

Remember how I said I jumped for joy in the beginning scene? Well imagine how I feel when Mr. Krabs LITERALLY SAYS that SpongeBob is like the “son he never had” and that is why he is bringing him on his and Pearl’s FAMILY VACATION. And yes we of course get a Mr. Krabs is greedy joke in there, which is also funny by the way, but these are things he VERBALLY ACKNOWLEDGES. So as you can see I’m maybe slightly freaking out because this relationship is so wholesome to me you don’t understand. And maybe it’s these long hours at work finally getting to me making me delirious over the smallest things, but basically this is going to be a positive note throughout this entire episode that makes me see all of it in a very positive light. The interactions between SpongeBob and Pearl really do read like child and step-sibling so bad.

Okay time to stop freaking out, let me get back to the episode. Let me go ahead and address what I’m sure is a source of hatred in this episode, and that’s the way Pearl treats SpongeBob. I can only assume people don’t like this because not a lot of people like Pearl whenever she does anything, which I think is extremely unfair. And honestly I don’t even think she’s bad here. Yeah she’s treating SpongeBob bad, but she is a child lol, and like I said this thing reads as a child and step-sibling interaction, which is of course marked by jealousy and feelings of being replaced and all that jazz. The episode may not highlight or clarify this, but to me that’s clearly what’s going on. Not to mention, after “Slumber Party”, Pearl has no reason to like SpongeBob, even if I don’t think she should blame him for what happened there lol. But also this show has no internal consistency in terms of plot events so maybe that’s not a valid critique. Long story short, I think Pearl is at least emotionally justified here, and I’m annoyed by her, so we move on.

This was a little throwaway scene, but I love that this episode addressed how just because SpongeBob is gone, doesn’t mean Squidward is about to have peace lol, because Patrick’s still there. As the Krabs family (hehehe) go on their vacation, they pass by so many cool stops. I’m not a shopper, but Super Mega Mall World sounds fun lol, and I would actually live on Planet Rollercoaster forever if I could…I love rollercoasters. And then they reach their final destination, which to Pearl’s dismay is not Teenage Boy Museum (thank god, I would die there and not in a good way). Nope, they’re going to the Bikini Bottom Mint, which of course that’s where Mr. Krabs wanted to go. And it ends up just being Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob who go into the Mint, as Pearl vehemently refuses. And I’m fine with this, though I think it’s yet another missed opportunity to show more Pearl in the show.

This review is getting lengthy so let me speed it up. Luckily the episode structure helps with this. The tour is pretty enjoyable, and I like how SpongeBob has to keep saving Mr. Krabs because of his obsession with money. And then the way the plot abruptly shifts to a bank (Mint?) robbery happening is great. And I like how Mr. Krabs ends up saving everyone, or really just saving the money with the result of saving everyone. And the ending of the episode is great, because I love how everyone gets a win, especially Pearl who gets the last laugh.

As you can see, I really liked “Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation”. I mean, I basically squeed throughout this entire 11 minutes, so that’s pretty impressive. And even beyond the one big story beat I loved, this episode was really hilarious and enjoyable, so all in all a great combination for me, and so this episode is easily the best of the anthology, and as of right now, the season.

Episode Tier: Amazing
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