161b. Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation


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I lol'd when Squidward was in his front lawn and said "2 whole days with no work and no SpongeBob. It's almost too good to be true. Nothing could Possibly go wrong now." and then Patrick comes up from behind him giggling haha
and the part with the Teenage Boy Museum was hilarious
decent plot... I would have liked to see more of the Mint.. I wanna go on the tour haha


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My favorite of the vacations episodes.
"Pretty neat, huh, boy? That's where they-*claws deflates*"



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I don't get why people don't like this. It was really funny. :) Sure Mr. Krabs went a bit mad with saving money, but those people that say that don't care about Clams. The Teenage Boy museum was hilarious. :prop: There were lots of funny quotes:

"Thank you all for coming to the Bikini Bottom Mint. My name is Bill."

:sbx: - "Bill? DAHAHAHAHA!"

Bill - "And yes, I am aware of the hilarious irony between my name and my job." :lol:

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I loved this episode. It was enjoyable and funny and I liked the part when Mr. Krabs stopped two bank robbers. I think It's the second best Runaway RoadTrip miniseries episode (the best is Mooncation). It's also one of the better post-movie episodes of Mr. Krabs. The funny parts are Squidward saying "whole days with no work and no SpongeBob. It's almost too good to be true. Nothing could possibly go wrong now?" and then Patrick coming up from behind him, Mr. Krabs licking the window, Mr. Krabs' eyes exploding and hitting the toruists, SpongeBob turning into many coins, Pearl finding an autographed picture and then the tears destroying the picture and the ending. Pearl was unlikeable in this episode but that's okay. It's still a great episode. 10/10



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Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation: Another great vacation episode and just as good or maybe even better then Mooncation. The whole thing was very well done and glad to see Pearl in this episode, actually. I also thought the Teenage Boy Museum was pretty funny. Overall, excellent vacation episode and great season 8 episode overall.

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Not a bad episode especially with the ending. A couple of funny moments here but it does overexaggerate Krabs's cheapness like with "Penny Foolish" and "The Cent of Money."


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Season: 8

Episode: Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation

This episode was pretty bad. The plot wasn't interesting, and Mr. Krabs was just cheap here. There were few funny jokes. 4.5/10

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This episode seems to be infamous here, but it's decent to me. It feels a bit boring to me, too (since I re-watched today), but it does have a lot of fun parts in it as well. 8/10

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So I think this is a better version of Whale of a Birthday because it involves Pearl being a whiny teenager and Mr. Krabs being obsessed with money but they actually managed to make decent jokes out of it like SpongeBob wanting to go to Bathroom Land and Mr. Krabs's eyes exploding. Also I found the scene at the end pretty cool until it was ruined by both Mr. Krabs and Pearl, that's what ruined the episode for me. Other than that it's a decent episode.



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I personally find this episode very good. The humor (it has LOTS of humor), the characters, the new environments, it all added up to make a great episode. This episode and the rest of the vacation mini-series were all great! And one of my favorite parts of Season 8!
Overall: 9/10

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It's okay, nothing about it sticks out but it's mildly amusing and it has some fun moments.



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Another decent vacation episode. It's cool to see where money comes from in the SpongeBob universe, and some of the jokes are pretty good.

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