158b. The Googly Artiste


I personally thought this episode was great! I loved how Patrick's dim-witted personality was incorporated in his artworks (rocks with TONS of google eyes xD). I loved that scene with the art critic laughing at Squidward...it was very "loose-animated/expressive", just like the animation style from Ren & Stimpy it seemed. This episode closely relates to "The Artist unknown" in terms of art, but the level of humor definitely matches to that Season 3 episode imo.

My rating: 8/10
"Squidward, I think we need to talk about your gambling."
Best part of the whole episode.

I definitely did not like this episode as well as the last two. The story was SO unoriginal. Not TOO funny...

Just watched it and really enjoyed it.
Normally with new episodes I find myself almost desperately searching for little bits I liked, but the episodes this week have been genuinely funny. It's been a long time since an episode came out that had me chuckling all the way through (a long time as in years), but the quality seems to have taken a sudden leap upwards and I'm praying it isn't temporary, or just a coincidence that the ones I enjoyed were all premiered together.
I also hope it's not just because I'm doped up on medication and think everything is funny.

Parts of this episode I particularly enjoyed:
- "I love hearing myself talk." - Squidward
- The art critic laughing at Spongebob then snapping right back to being straight-faced.
- "How many lousy pieces have you sold, Squidward?" - Spongebob
- Squidward's gambling problem.
- Patrick making a Van Gogh and The Thinker and thinking they're terrible.
- Mr Krabs' close-up.
Was a low point of Season 8. Chock-full of endless Squid Abuse and Patwards. 1/10 Didn't remember ever laughing.
Season 8 can do better then this. I believe that this episode can pass as a season 7 episode!! This one is still good and did indeed have it's fair share of funny moments, but still might be bottom 10 season 8 material.
Season: 8

Episode: The Googly Artiste

This episode was a bit bad. The plot was still decent. There were few jokes. 5/10
Squidward torture and Patrick being a prick in the same episode. Oh boy! F
I found it meh. While the mean spirited scenes slightly annoyed me, it's atleast entertaining.