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144a. That Sinking Feeling


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This episode ISN'T BAD AT ALL...It's a really GOOD episode , IDK I really liked it...and it was funny too (when Squidward puts the jello as a hat :p ) Don't let other people control you with their opinions...I mean OK Pieguyrulz thinks that this is the worst S7 episode but you don't have to think so if you don't...For me it was a great episode...I don't change my mind.. 9/10!


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Episode: That Sinking Feeling (S7-E144-A)

THIS IS MY FAVORITE EPISODE!!! Perfectly paired with Karate Star (also my favorite episode). The jokes, and the sinking of houses are very funny to me. But Squidward Abuse here in this episode is mildly bad.

Final Score = 10/10
I kinda love this episode. I know not much happens, but I can help but enjoy myself every time I watch it. It's not very annoying, I like the jokes, and I don't consider it a Squid abuse episode considering he's the main antagonist. I think this episode could easily compete with the pre-movie seasons.

Ranking so far:
1. That Sinking Feeling (A+)
2. The Inside Job (A+)
3. The Great Patty Caper (A)
4. The Bad Guy Club for Villains (A)
5. Squidward in Clarinetland (A)
6. Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle (B)
7. Growth Spout (B)
8. The Curse of Bikini Bottom (B)
9. Greasy Buffoons (B)
10. A Day Without Tears (B)
11. I Heart Dancing (B)
12. SpongeBob's Last Stand (B)
13. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (B)
14. The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom (B)
15. Kracked Krabs (C)
16. Gary in Love (C)
17. The Cent of Money (C)
18. Model Sponge (C)
19. The Curse of the Hex (C)
20. Sponge-Cano! (D)
21. Back to the Past (D)
22. The Play's the Thing (D)
23. Tentacle-Vision (D)
24. The Main Drain (D)
25. Gramma's Secret Recipe (D)
26. Summer Job (E)
27. Rodeo Daze (E)
28. Trenchbillies (E)
29. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy (F)
30. Stuck in the Wringer (F)
31. Yours, Mine and Mine (F-)
32. A Pal for Gary (F-)
33. One Coarse Meal (F-)
I think it's alright.

There isn't much of a story, and Squidward gets abuse a bit, but I find a lot of the jokes they tell pretty funny (especially the Dig Dug reference). Not the best of the season, but not the worst either.

6 Shovels out of 10, would rather watch Chum Caverns and Wishing You Well