144a. That Sinking Feeling

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Review: Another SpongeBob classic! I laughed at the whole thing! And, let's not forget the funny quotes in this episode! Best episode of Season 7!

Rating: 10/10

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SpongeBob and Patrick were a little annoying in this episode and there was Squid torture too but this episode was actually great. This episode was very funny, enjoyable and well-writen. It's definely one of the best season 7 episodes. The ending was similar to Chum Caverns but that's okay. There were many funny moments in this episode like SpongeBob and Patrick playing tag, Patrick saying "No offence, but your yard gargles tartar sauce.", Patrick mailing himself to SpongeBob's house, Gary's cameo, SpongeBob saying "Awww. Squidward's house looks like it has an upset tummy.", then Patrick saying "Must've been something it ate.", then Squidward coming out of door and then SpongeBob saying "It ate Squidward", Patrick saying "no need to thank us", then Squidward saying "THANK YOU" and then Patrick saying "You're welcome", Plankton's cameo and the ending. Overall, this episode was perfect and I definetly recommend this episode. 10/10


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While there was a couple of mildly funny gags this was just a very annoying episode. Typical bad annoying Spongebob.




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I Can't Stop Laughing In This One.Its My 2nd Fav Season 7 Episode (Next To Back To The Past)



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Hate it. Spongebob and Patrick were brain-dead here and they only realized their mistake at literally the last few seconds. I can see how some people would find this episode funny but I just found it terribly annoying. I did like some gags though.


My opinion may change later


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I actually enjoy this episode. Yes, it's a Squid Torture episode and Spongebob and Patrick are stupid here but I just enjoy it and there are some good jokes. The only thing I don't like is the beginning but that's it. 8/10


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Season: 7

Episode: That Sinking Feeling

This episode was decent. The plot was decent too. Spongebob and Patrick were kind of annoying, but not very over the top. I felt bad for Squidward at times, but it didn't bother me that much. There were some funny jokes. 6/10


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So, I'm pretty sure people are going to talk about this episode a lot more from this moment, so I'll say this right now :
I'm actually kinda liked it. 6/10

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Just another "SpongeBob and Patrick annoy the daylights out of Squidward" episode, but may consider rewatching it sometime.


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This one's just in the "really boring and a bit annoying but I totally forgot it existed and I doubt I'll remember it in the future either" 2/10 pile.


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I actually like this episode. I didn't think it was that bad or boring. 7.5/10

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This episode is so bad and not even in an interesting way like OCM or To Love a Patty 1/10.

Edit: I was a bit harsh but I still don't like this episode. It was annoying and had very little humor or originality, SpongeBob and Patrick really got on my nerves here. I was definitely riding the PGR train when I first wrote this comment.


NVM it's trash 1/10.