121b. Shell Shocked


your mom
Sep 19, 2009

Although the ending of this episode was (how do I put this delicately) stupid, the episode was a bright spot in the shamble that was season 6. Dee Snider does brilliantly as Angry Jack, as you can see in the clip above. Of course, the commercial had to be the highlight of the episode, so, being nice and all, I put it up for you.
I saw this episode today, poor Gary! =(

And the commercial is quite funny, I like the part where he says "Hey! Get those numbers out of my face!"
I love Angry Jack's commercial! Why can't commercials be like that in real life? I liked that part when after Spongebob breaks all of his shells in the store, he asks Jack "Are you really angry or you're just trying to sound louder?" and then Jack yells out "I'm really angry!". :lol:
The episode was alright, I liked seeing Gary in different shells. The ending reminded me of Shell of a Man, when Mr. Krabs sheds his shell.
I liked the episode, it was creative. ANGRY JACK IS ANGRY

I like how late Season 6 is actually an improvement
Shell Shocked was completely decent.
This one is decent. Angry Jack was a pretty amusing one-time character, and I like seeing SpongeBob so concerned for his pet, it's nice.
This was a decent episode. My favorite scene has to be the one where SpongeBob keeps breaking the shells. 7/10
Angry Jack is awesome. He made this episode great.
An enjoyable episode :D Angry Jack was funny and I loved his advert for Angry Jack's Emporium :)
Eh, I thought this one was annoying. None of the gags were really funny, and the pacing felt almost monotonous. **/*****
I liked the commercial but some parts here were very repetitious. The plot is very light and it doesn't have a lot of gags. 4.5/10
Season: 6

Episode: Shell Shocked

This episode was decent. The plot was decent. Angry Jack was an awesome character. There were few funny jokes. 6/10
That one was okay, and better than it's sister episode ''Sand Castles in the Sand'' IMO...The part with SB trying to find Gary a shell at the store was slow and kind of uninteresting...the rest of the episode was good...7/10
The Angry Jack commercial is funny, but everything else is pretty repetitive and bland.

I like Angry Jack but the rest of this is about as empty as Angry Jack's shell supply at the end of the episode.

Yes! Angry Jack is one of my favorite background characters ever! I like this episode, but the first half that is. Everything is well until SpongeBob starts breaking the shells. That was funny at first, but he kept breaking them for so long, that it just ended up looking repetitive and made it unfunny. So, it was good, but dragged the gag on for too long.
I’m neutral about Angry Jack (i didn’t find the commercial very funny). Other that, the episode was boring and the gag with Spongebob keep breaking the shells was unfunny.