118a. Pet or Pests


The List That Time Forgot
Jan 25, 2009

What did you guys think of this one. I think I can sum it up in one word... or a bunch:


Worst episode next to Dear Vikings.

'Nuff said.
The episode was pretty terrible. I really like Sand Castles in the Sand and Toy Store of Doom but this one is the worst of the week so far.

Dear vikings was bad, but i strangley liked that episode.
Weird. I actually liked this episode. Not as much as Sand Castles in the Sands but it did have several funny parts. SpongeBob trying to find homes for the babies were hilarious.
Hated it. This one is worse than The Splinter, because they're both pretty gross, but at least The Splinter had funny lines, this one was plain repulsive. Pros? Maybe Mrs. Puff and Larry's bit, other than that, one of the worse of the season.
Weird. I actually liked this episode. Not as much as Sand Castles in the Sands but it did have several funny parts. SpongeBob trying to find homes for the babies were hilarious.

Yeah, I strangly ended up enjoying this episode, even though I didn't like the way Mr. Krabs was drawn in this episode. :rofl2:
This episode had the potential to be good, but it failed.
Honestly this episode could have been great if they hadn't made the worms spray that disgusting goo and improved the plot with more funny gags instead of gross gags.
the episode was okay ;( but they could of used a better worm style and I hate when they make gary act like the bad guy.
It was fairly bad. Mr. Krabs was okay, but the rest was so meh. 4.5/10
For those of you who weren't here around 2009 or 2010, at one point this episode was the absolute hatefest of the forum. I vividly remember people changing their avatars and signatures to pictures saying things like "Pet or Pests must die". Which is why this was the episode I was the least looking forward to seeing.

I have now watched it. All I can say is... why. And maybe how. Why did they think any of this was a good idea to put out on air... and how did it end up going to air in the format it was?!

This episode follows the fantastic theme of Dear Vikings and All That Glitters that I like to call "Your comedy-free 11 minutes". Again, no laughs in this episode. At one point I paused the episode in confusion, I even rewound it just to see if I was actually watching the same episode and the video hadn't recorded another one in the middle or something by mistake.

My real beef with this episode is that after trying to get people to take the baby worms away from him but failing to do so because everyone is revolted by either the sight of them or the vomit they spray into people's faces, he... gets people to take the baby worms away from him. This is supposedly because they are really valuable... yet Mr Krabs is giving them away for $6.99. Also, now people suddenly think they are cute and actually laugh when the vomit is sprayed in their faces. Why weren't they doing this when he was giving them away for free?!? Now they suddenly like them even though they have to pay for them! What the heck! Then the final line from Mr Krabs. HOW IS THAT FUNNY. It doesn't even make sense. A nice crazy round off for this ridiculous episode.

This is such an odd episode. It contradicts itself and makes little sense. The only good thing I can take from this experience is that I won't encounter another season 6 episode as bad as this... hopefully.

1/10 - It gets 1 because by all accounts, the characters weren't annoying or irritating. Apart from that everything else is bad.
One of the worst episodes in the whole series. OH god no humor, stupid scenes, ridiculous cheeks, -.-
Just saw this episode. It's not as bad as everyone says it is. Not even near one of the worst episodes (all that glitters, funny pants).