104a. Not Normal

It's not the best episode, but there's lots worse than this. 8.7/10
A bit boring when Spongebob is normal. OK. 7.8/10
it definitly was not normal I would of liked to see patrick do that instead of spongebob it would be more interesting. The ending was alittle creepy 6/10
Felt like a season 5 episode to me.
It was a pretty average episode. 7.5/10
Pretty average episode to me. Not too funny, not too exciting, not too bad, either. I don't understand what is to abnormal about being a fry cook, though.

5|10 Overall
It is OK it is better than a lot of episodes. 7/10
good for season 6
meh overall

it was too "normal" and not in a good way :P
This was an OK episode. The ending was really stupid, though.
I just have to say; I saw this and was really annoyed by how SB was being pressured to change himself, just to make others happy.
And then he tries PHYSICALLY changing himself like getting rid of his freckles and trying to not be square, etc. And as he changed more it just made me upset/more annoyed :(

And I'm glad he changed back in the end; but other than that, the ending was just... wat. Looking back, I kinda wish there was a more "being yourself is ok/you're fine the way you are" moral ending; kinda like what Abrasive Side did with Sandy telling SB that, before the whole Grandma-ending-thing.

This one was pretty boring. I liked what Squidward said about how it's okay to be a little abnormal, I wish they'd expanded on that. It would have been interesting.
I love this episode. When I first saw this episode I was surprised to see SpongeBob without holes, buck teeth, nor freckles. Whenever I see this episode I laugh real hard, especially at the part where SpongeBob criticizes Squidward. Squidward being normal is also funny. I also think the episode has a good lesson that normal is boring and our quirks make us special.

Rating: 10/10:)
surprised I haven't reviewed this

really like the concept of this episode. by showing how normal spongebob tries to be, you realize how abnormal he really is.

10/10. It's also paired with my favorite episode of post-movie, so that's a plus.
I almost fell asleep during this. It is so boring. And Spongebob if someone tells you to be normal, KILL THEM.
I almost fell asleep during this. It is so boring. And Spongebob if someone tells you to be normal, KILL THEM.

That is kind of harsh, but I am pretty sure you are joking. I think that if anyone tells SpongeBob to be normal, he should sing the first line of "Harder To Breath" by Maroon 5, which is, "How dare you say that my behavior's unacceptable!"