09b. Opposite Day

Really funny episode. There's a lot of good jokes and a Squid Torture done RIGHT. It's done right because it leads to the plot and it's not done for no reason. It was opposite day to begin with and Spongebob was only pretending to be Squidward for Opposite Day and said bad things about the house because it's opposite day. Such a classic episode. 9/10
Season: 1

Episode: Opposite Day

This episode was good. The plot was good. There was some Squid Abuse, but it was kinda Squidward's fault. There were many funny jokes. 8/10
I didn't really like the ending (I guess I'm to attached to sponge and pat)

Not it was still great! 8.5/10
This is my 666th post, this episode is the devil. If this episode of Opposite Day, then this episode is GOD. And it IS. 1000/10
One of my favorite episodes. Everything is memorable and classic. 10/10.
This is one of the best Season 1 episodes. 9/10
I like it how everyone was squidward

just like how everything is illuminati

Geez, not this episode. The gag's aren't funny, the animation is dull, and the characters are all OOC.

Nah, I kid. It's, as PGR would call it, a gold episode. 10/10
The Appetizer said:
Geez, not this episode. The gag's aren't funny, the animation is dull, and the characters are all OOC.

Nah, I kid. It's, as PGR would call it, a gold episode. 10/10
You're trying too hard to imitate Nickflower :P
Horrible episode I hate it so much, Squidward didn't deserve anything, Squidward Torture episode at its finest, WORSE THAN BOATING BUDDIES -9.5/10

Nah the episode is a classic, many funny jokes as well as the fact that Squidward could've sold the house if he didn't tell them it was opposite day and he didn't do anything to deserve sympathy

The whole idea is a joke. It was daft to make Squidward's plan backfire and despite a decent amount of jokes they couldn't save it,

It's an amazing episode up until the end, I find the end to be a little frustrating for some reason but that's just me.
I just watched this, so naturally it's time to share my thoughts about it. This episode is a classic and one that always goes on in my house, even though we don't watch the show much anymore. Spongebob's misunderstandings are great and make for some hilarious moments. Squidward and Patrick are also great and prove you don't need many characters for a great episode. I love the Squidwards in the second half of the episode, too. 10/10

Best quote: "I'll tell you what's terrible! Living next to you! You are the worst neighbor in history!" - Squidward
"Wow! That's the nicest thing Squidward's ever said to me!" -Spongebob

A little thing I noticed: when S and P are trying to get Squidward to play pin-the-tail-on-the-seahorse and are doing their little jingle, Patrick tries to say "donkey" instead of "seahorse." (at least I think it's donkey, maybe it's dolphin or something, but either way it's a Patrick moment that seems to go unnoticed.)

Grade: F-

Worst Character: ALL OF THEM!!!

Worst Line: EVERY LINE!!!

Worst Moment: EVERYTHING!!!

This was a fun episode and it had many funny moments

Grade: A

Best Character: All of them

Best Line: I'm Squidward

Best Moment: SpongeBob telling Patrick to go away
i hate this episode boo i give this episode a -9.5
that was the opposite of the episode the truth is i love this episode yay i give this episode a 9.5
This episode is pretty funny, not the best from season 1 tho.
A funny and a clever twist on each character's usual roles. Solid jokes. Found this funnier than it's sister episode, Nature Pants. 9.5/10